World War: How ratings will be calculated

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Some World War awards which will be given out at the end of the season, are based on the players position in the leaderboard. The position in the leaderboard is determined by the rating you have accumulated.

How player rating will be calculated

Player rating is based on the number of battles WW rating icon 1.png, the win ratio WW rating icon 4.png and the average score WW rating icon 3.png on the leaderboard.

  • If the win ratio is ≥ 60%: the total score gained in World War battles x 0.1 x 0.6
  • If the win ratio is < 60%: the total score gained in World War battles x 0.1 x win ratio


  • WW rating icon 1.png battles 25
  • WW rating icon 4.png win ratio 56%
  • WW rating icon 3.png average score 1280

A player with such statistics willhave 32,000 x 0.1 x 0.56 = 1,792 Rating score WW rating icon 2.png (1,280 x 25 = 32,000 - total score gained in World War battles).

How squadron rating will be calculated

Squadron rating is based on the sum of the ratings WW rating icon 2.png of all soldiers in the squadron and on the Elo-Rating of the squadron.

The squadron World War rating will be displayed in the “World War” tab in the information about the squadron.

0.01 x Squadron rating + Squadron Elo-rating

How commander rating will be calculated

Squadron commanders not participating in the battles but earning rating WW rating icon 2.png by showing effectiveness in managing armies.

Defeat in a battle Victory in a battle Defeat in the operation Victory in the operation

After the operations end, any earned rating will be fully credited to the commander if he managed the armies alone, or will be distributed proportionally among all commanders who have been active in the operation.


Each action by the commander on the operations map - the movement of armies, the beginning of the battles, artillery fire, etc. - all this brings 1 activity point (but not more than once per minute).

If the operation has been commanded by several commanders all the earned rating points will be distributed among tham in proportion to received activity points.