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* Depression of only -7° which is below average for British tanks.
* Depression of only -7° which is below average for British tanks.
* APDS causes only punctual damage, meaning that killing some vehicles is a challenge
* APDS causes only punctual damage, meaning that killing some vehicles is a challenge
* Many SPAA vehicles can penetrate your sides or back.
== History ==
== History ==

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Vickers Battle Tank Mk.1
General characteristics
4 peopleCrew
38.1 tWeight
6 forward
2 back
Gear box
105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1 cannonWeapon 1
44 roundsAmmunition
-7° / 20°Vertical guidance
12.7 mm L21A1 machine gunWeapon 2
1 200 roundsAmmunition
3 roundsBelt capacity
300 shots/minFire rate
7.62 mm L3A1 machine gunWeapon 3
1 200 roundsAmmunition
250 roundsBelt capacity
500 shots/minFire rate
120 000 Rp icon.pngResearch
300 000 Sl icon.pngPurchase
Sl icon.png5 000 / 7 355/5 640 / 8 296/1 950 / 2 868Repair
85 000 Sl icon.pngCrew training
300 000 Sl icon.pngExperts
1 200 Ge icon.pngAces
x 1.96 Rp icon.pngReward for battle


GarageImage Vickers MBT.jpg

The Vickers Battle Tank Mk.1 is a Rank V British medium tank with a battle rating of 7.0. It was introduced in Update 1.69 "Regia Aeronautica".

British tanks are snipers, designed to engage with minimal threat to the tank and its crew while still being a major thorn in the enemy's side. Stick to knowledge of the maps you'll be playing on to enhance your defensive playstyle, grabbing husks of old tanks or tank ditches to your advantage then bursting out of cover to ambush enemies. The tank has a mediocre off-road top speed of 20 mph (stock), yet can do 7 mph in reverse, so don't be afraid to duck back into cover.

That being said, the Vickers has pitiful armour that rarely stands up to any punishment other than SPAA, and even then this is true for the front armour. The ~100 mm frontal armour on the turret is good for stray or hurried shots, although the lack of slopes inhibits your chances of bouncing shots, let the environment do this for you.

General info

Survivability and armour

Armour type:

  • Rolled homogeneous armour (Hull, Turret roof)
  • Cast homogeneous armour (Turret)
Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 60 mm (56°) Front glacis
80 mm (32°) Lower glacis
30 mm Top
30 + 4 mm Bottom
20 mm (4-5°) Top
19 mm (58°)
25 mm
5 mm Grills
Turret 80 mm (19°) Turret front
40-100 mm (1-73°) Gun mantlet
40-60 mm (1-17°) 40 mm (10°)
60 mm (1°) Turret ring
25 mm


  • Suspension wheels and tracks are 20 mm thick.


Mobility characteristic
Weight (tons) Add-on Armor
weight (tons)
Max speed (km/h)
38.1 N/A 54 (AB)
48 (RB/SB)
Engine power (horsepower)
Mode Stock Upgraded
Arcade 829 1021
Realistic/Simulator 473 535
Power-to-weight ratio (hp/ton)
Mode Stock Upgraded
Arcade 21.76 26.79
Realistic/Simulator 12.41 14.04


Main armament

Main article: L7A1 (105 mm)
105 mm L7A1
Capacity Vertical
54 -7°/+20° ±180° Two-plane
Turret rotation speed (°/s)
Mode Stock Upgraded Prior + Full crew Prior + Expert qualif. Prior + Ace qualif.
Arcade 10.70 14.80 18.00 19.90 21.20
Realistic 10.70 12.60 15.30 16.92 18.0
Reloading rate (seconds)
Stock Prior + Full crew Prior + Expert qualif. Prior + Ace qualif.
6.50 5.75 5.30 5.00
Penetration statistics
Ammunition Type of
Penetration in mm @ 90°
10m 100m 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m
Shot L28A1 APDS 303 302 296 277 257 252
Shell L35 HESH 127 127 127 127 127 127
Shell details
Ammunition Type of
in m/s
Mass in kg
Fuse delay

in m:

Fuse sensitivity

in mm:

Explosive Mass in g
(TNT equivalent):
Normalization At 30°
from horizontal:
0% 50% 100%
Shot L28A1 APDS 1478 5.8 N/A N/A N/A +1.5° 75° 78° 80°
Shell L35 HESH 730 15 0.4 0.1 4,310 +0° 75° 78° 80°
Ammo racks
Ammo racks of the Vickers MBT.
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
44 34 (+10) 32 (+12) 30 (+14) 28 (+16) 26 (+18) (+43) No

Turret empty: 26 (+18)

Machine guns

12.7 mm L21A1
Coaxial mount
Capacity (Belt capacity) Fire rate
1,200 (3) 300 N/A N/A
7.62 mm L3A1
Coaxial mount
Capacity (Belt capacity) Fire rate
1,200 (250) 500 N/A N/A

Usage in the battles

Although it can be done with its excellent reload speed of 5-7 seconds (crew skill depending), mixing ranks with the enemy is ill advised: instead take upon a sniping role. Your gun has only two types of ammo, both stock so research is not required for enhanced destruction. That being said, the APDS is a potent weapon that has 302 mm on pen at 100 mm, falling to 252mm at 2500m: all ranges are within your kill-zone, with enemies moving towards more manoeuvrability over armour in the high ranks. However, the rounds lack spalling potential, so the damage inflicted on a tank interior must be in the APDS direct path past the penetration. If you aim for the turret weak-spots, the barrel or breach will be your most common hits, incurring 20-30 precious seconds of repair time.

The HESH shell is a very different story. This is an excellent weapon in urban/CQC due to its uncanny ability to rupture ammunition. You only have 127 mm of pen, but this is at all ranges. It can still reach 2800 m without too much compensation, yet with its low pen (for the rank and armour you'll be facing) it is advisable to use this in CQC and when flanking. The thing with this round is that it pens then morphs into a solid ball of HE-based death.

Some enemies to deal with:

  • The Lorraine 40t will bounce more shots than you care to admit, or your hits will do minor damage. Just out the nature of the reserved play style this tank likes, any fast tanks will be a problem due to their ability to close the gap as you attempt to reach your favourite position. Engine and transmission upgrades will lessen this, in time.
  • All Russian tanks are difficult to deal with, yet learning their weak spots will lead you to victory. German tanks are a problem based on their accuracy and reload, however the cheeks of their turrets are prime targets for eagle-eyed gunners.

Pros and cons


  • Stock APDS shell has very high penetration values.
  • Gun fires APDS shell at over 1,400 m/s.
  • The addition of HESH ammo with shrapnel effect.
  • Has a 12.7mm L21A1 machine gun which is used for range finding.
  • Fast reload speed, at best 5 seconds.
  • Above average reverse speed compared to some British tanks
  • Excellent maneuverability, even over rough terrain
  • A good counter to Russian heavy tanks (IS3, IS6, IS4) if you know the weak spots


  • Poor armour, even lower ranked guns are quite a threat.
  • While top speed is around 49 km/h, you will rarely hit it
  • Depression of only -7° which is below average for British tanks.
  • APDS causes only punctual damage, meaning that killing some vehicles is a challenge
  • Many SPAA vehicles can penetrate your sides or back.



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