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This member has been playing War Thunder since August 23rd, 2019.
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This member plays War Thunder on Windows
j6k1.png This member considers J6K1 the best aircraft in game.
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WSP Member

Hello! Tis' Bonisducks (call me Bonis, pronounced like Bonus) here, Wiki article writer and in-house history geek. To date, I have written history sections for 54 articles. You may find me playing Air AB/RB or Naval AB/RB, where I play the Soviet, British and Japan lines. I really like reading and learning about military history, especially the design and specifications of various military vehicles. Below, you may find some of the edits that I have made, and some other cool tidbits about me.

Articles contributed to:

To date, I have contributed histories to many articles, ships and planes. Some of my histories are listed by type and country of origin below:

Other stuff

I first started playing this game actively in August of 2019. I heard about the game from a friend in 2014 and tried it a bit, but didn't come back to it until last year. I have played the game quite actively for the last year, and have reached top tier for USSR and Japan jets. I'm currently working on USSR and UK Naval.

I own the Object 279, HMS Tiger and M60 AMBT, as well as the J6K1 which is my favourite aircraft and best aircraft (RB) in terms of SL, XP, win rate and K/D.

I am currently part of the WSP, and definitely have enjoyed the process of writing articles with the WT Wiki. My main area-of-expertise is history, particularly those for capital ships (destroyer-size upwards) and post-WWII aircraft.