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Haha! I found out how to make my own user page! I feel like a god!

Hi there- I'm Aussie Mantis, and I'm just an Aussie (an Australian) with a propensity for swearing in matches, praising the sun THE ALMIGHTY SNAIL, trying not to be a doss c*** or a c***, writing long-winded bits and pieces for articles, playing FTL, and trying my damndest not to be noticed in-game (It really helps when you're flying british interceptors and bombers, y'know, because they have this awful habit of catching fire at awkward times...).

Shoutout to Magapanos, Kamizakeda, Artyom_Ka, crazypilot14, *FYICNS, _OG__snow_army_, Dreadweasel, *Seven7Up77, DeWulfe_ and all the other mad c***s I've fought with or against- keep being mad c***s and that'll mean a nicer day for all parties involved.

Now, since you'll want some summary of what I've done in war thunder first,well, here ya go-

I'm a british tech tree player, and I pilot mainly bombers at this stage, although I do play with the spitfires as well. I play mostly in Air Forces Realistic Battles, but occasionally you might find me trundling along in AB with a V-156-B1 and the reserve biplanes. I also frequent Air Arcade Assault, using either a spit Ia, a spit IIb or a Hurricane IV. aaanyway! let's get down to business.

Articles I've Edited: