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This member has a Steam profile: Tsukishimo/月霜

Hello friends, thank you for watching my personal page. My nickname on War Thunder is Hinyanawi_Tenshi, this comes from an anime character Hinanawi Tenshi(比那名居天子) which comes from famous STG game series <Touhou Project> in Asia. Nya is means Meow in Japanese, so that's an acceptable change for a nickname. I'm a Forum moderator of War Thunder forum and part of WSP as well. Also I was a member of Chinese localization team for all Gaijin games that need Chinese language localization. By the way, I made some camouflages, if you like them,just download from live.com and use for free. I'm interested in all Chinese vehicles and related vehicles, also aiming to add more interesting Chinese vehicles into game through Player Revenue Sharing Progress. In my personal page, I will show you about my interests about collecting vehicles in-game and a expectable extended Chinese tech tree!