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Using {{#unit}} / {{specs}}

#unit is structured as {{#unit: '''VehicleName''' | '''arg1''' | '''arg2''' | '''arg3''' | '''arg4'''}}

The vehicle name is the name used in the game files.

{{Specs}} functions identically to #unit with the caveats that it must be used after {{Specs-Card}} and uses the vehicle inputting into it.

So it is structured as {{Specs | '''arg1''' | '''arg2''' | '''arg3''' | '''arg4'''}}

Each list inwards is the next argument in the template.

English arguments

Argument Description
article Article name to be used in [[ARTICLE]]
pseudonym Shortened name
name Full name
image Image name to be used in IMAGE.png
country Country
  • (optional) value
Rank in roman numerals
  • in numbers
  • AB
  • (optional)RB
  • SB
BR per mode. Defaults to RB
crew Number of crew

Russian arguments

Argument Description Details
акционная premium 0=no 1=yes
асы ace crew price in GE
базовая basic crew price in SL
  • аб
  • рб
  • сб
  • AB
  • RB
  • SB
defaults to RB
  • пустой
  • полный
  • Empty weight
  • Maximum Weight
in metric tons Defaults to takeoff
  • аб
  • рб
  • сб
turn time in
  • AB
  • RB
  • SB
in seconds
  • количество
  • тип
  • сод
  • название
engine name
  • number of engines
  • engine type
  • cooling type(air or water)
  • name
  • 1,2,3...
    • 1,2,3...
      • название
      • боезапас
additional guns
  • gun1, gun2, gun3...?
    •  ???
      • name
      • total ammunition(all guns combined)
needs 4 args. Currently nonfunctional
изображение image name NAME.png
исследование research cost in RP
  • 1,2,3...
    • код
vehicle category
  • category1, category2...
    • displays category
needs three args
  • 1,2,3...
    • боезапас
    • код
    • количество
    • название
    • скорострельность
offensive guns for planes
  • gun1, gun2, gun3
    • total ammunition(all guns combined)
    • code name of guns
    • number of guns
    • name
    • RoF(rounds per minute per gun)
needs 3 args
название name
оборонительное defensive guns needs at least 2 args
опыткоэф RP modifier
орудие tank guns needs other args
передачи # of transmission gears needs other args
подвесное payloads needs at least 3 args (payload number and bomb type number)
потолок max altitude in meters
разрушение destruction in km/h
ранг rank in roman numerals
ремонт repair cost defaults to max RB
сваливание stall speed in km/h
статья wiki article title
страна country
тип type of vehicle 1=plane, 2=tank, 3=ship, 4=heli
цена cost to buy in SL
штаторудие ship guns needs at least 2 args
экипаж # of crew members
эксперты expert crew price in SL