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Using {{#unit}} / {{specs}}

#unit is structured as {{#unit: '''VehicleName''' | '''arg1''' | '''arg2''' | '''arg3''' | '''arg4'''}}

Specs functions identically to #unit with the caveats that it must be used after {{Specs-Card}} and uses the vehicle inputting into it.

So it is structured as {{Specs | '''arg1''' | '''arg2''' | '''arg3''' | '''arg4'''}}

Each list inwards is the next argument in the template.

English arguments

Argument Description
article Article name to be used in [[ARTICLE]]
pseudonym Shortened name
name Full name
image Image name to be used in IMAGE.png
country Country
  • (optional) value
Rank in roman numerals
  • in numbers
  • AB
  • (optional)RB
  • SB
BR per mode. Defaults to RB
crew Number of crew

Russian arguments

Argument Description Details
акционная premium 0=no 1=yes
асы ace crew price in GE
базовая basic crew price in SL
бр BR defaults to RB?
вес weight in metric tons Defaults to takeoff
вираж turn time in seconds
двигатель engine name
допорудие additional guns needs other args
изображение image name NAME.png
исследование research cost in RP
класс vehicle category needs other args
курсовое offensive guns for planes needs other args
название name
оборонительное defensive guns needs at least 2 args
опыткоэф RP modifier
орудие tank guns needs other args
передачи # of transmission gears needs other args
подвесное payloads needs at least 3 args (payload number and bomb type number)
потолок max altitude in meters
разрушение destruction in km/h
ранг rank in roman numerals
ремонт repair cost defaults to max RB
сваливание stall speed in km/h
статья wiki article title
страна country
тип type of vehicle 1=plane, 2=tank, 3=ship, 4=heli
цена cost to buy in SL
штаторудие ship guns needs at least 2 args
экипаж # of crew members
эксперты expert crew price in SL