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Seeing as the old wiki is no more, looks like I need a new user page.

About Me

I've been playing War Thunder fairly continuously since December 2013 (Update 1.37). When War Thunder Live launched in April 2014, I joined up on launch day and have been a fairly active community member since (although not so much recently). April 2014 also saw the Launch of the War Thunder CDK, I picked up the CDK shortly after launch and have since become very experienced with the mission editor. I have released plenty of missions on my WT Live page and have also made missions in support of custom vehicles released by other community members, and some videos from WT YouTubers. When multiplayer user missions were being developed I was among other members of the CDK community selected to partake in closed testing.

Me and the Wiki

I started editing the wiki in December 2017 with the aim of improving the (at the time) almost completly barren Maps and Missions section. I have since written articles for all o the ground forces maps in the game and have started progress on the air forces maps. I have also used my knowledge of the CDK to help improve the (at times lacking) documentation covering it on the wiki.

My Testing Area

Pulling BR of a vehicle from the game

A little proof of concept here: the BR of the Wirraway is being pulled from wherever the sidebar info is from and displayed in an article.

The BR of a Wirraway is 1.3(AB), 1.3(RB), 1.3(SB).

Map Icons

List of all tank sight magnifications

To save on the guessing here's a list of the default and zoomed in gunner's sight magnifications for every tank in the game. Use the value displayed in game as a primary source (for consistency), but for most vehicles where the zoom value isn't listed this list should be accurate.

This is a programmatically generated list, it seems to be accurate from my own testing, but do some sanity checking with it first. The zoom numbers are rounded to 2 d.p. in the list. When filling in pages it might be best to round the numbers to the nearest 0.05 to keep it a bit cleaner and inline with the values shown in game. There are some minor differences between the numbers in here and those in game (out by a few decimals sometimes), but for the most part they are accurate and it may well be the game displaying a clean number instead of a number closer to the actual value.

Tanks are grouped by nation in this order: China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USSR, US


Night Vision Tables

{{PAGENAME}} Optics
Type of optic Magnification Night Vision Devices
Image Intensifier Thermal Imager
Resolution Light Mult Noise Level
Gunner's Sight X3.6 - X12 1600 x 1200 9.0 High 500 x 300 Thermal sight is a rank 4 mod, it replaces the image intensifier (rank 3 mod)
Commander's View X6 1600 x 1200 9.0 High Not Fitted Image intensifier is a rank 3 mod
Driver's View X1 1600 x 1200 5.0 High Not Fitted Image intensifier is a rank 3 mod
{{PAGENAME}} IR Searchlight
Max Range Beam Width Location / Notes
1,400 m 8.2° Searchlight mounted on turret front, just right of the gun. Light moves up and down with main gun.

Old Stuff