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Rank 4 Japan
IJN Mikuma Pack
USS Atlanta
5.3 5.3 5.3
Research:75 000 Specs-Card-Exp.png
Purchase:250 000 Specs-Card-Lion.png
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The Atlanta-class, USS Atlanta (CL-51), 1941 is a rank IV American cruiser with a battle rating of 5.3 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.91 "Night Vision".

General info

Survivability and armour

Ammunition storage severely lacks protection. Detonation of ammunition is commonplace, although the storage forward of the bridge does benefit from a layer of fuel storage in-between in and an incoming salvo. The turrets are equally fragile.


Handling is surprisingly sluggish when stock. Despite the relatively low weight for a light cruiser, the Atlanta struggles to maneuver. Her rudder responsiveness is lethargic, and once a turn has begun, her speed dips from into the 20-25 mph range. On some maps where scrambling to the island groups is necessary for lighter cruisers to evade enemy fire, the Atlanta can easily fall behind and find itself on the receiving end of heavy cruiser fire.


Primary armament

The primary armament of the Atlanta is eight twin five-inch guns, of which a maximum seven can be brought to bear on one target. These guns have a high rate of fire even with an untrained crew and have an acceptable quantity of high explosive per shell. The downside is a comparatively poor shell trajectory when compared to other cruisers; especially in fights over 8 kilometers, the five-inch guns require more precise distance input compared to larger diameter guns.

Secondary armament

Despite ostensibly being an anti-air cruiser, the only anti-air secondaries on the Atlanta are a pair of quad 1.1-inch "Chicago Piano" mounts. Both are reasonably well positioned on the ship with acceptable firing arcs, although their volume of fire is lacking.

Torpedo armament

Main article: Mk.15

Torpedo armament consists of six total torpedoes, three per side. The port torpedo launcher face the bow of the ship, while the starboard faces aft. This does not seriously affect usage or arcs of fire.

Usage in battles

The Atlanta is best saved for close maps like Arctic Port where her guns can eviscerate cruisers inside 6-8 km. On larger maps where cruisers engage at distances as far as 12-13 km, the Atlanta is a poor choice. She has neither the armor nor the guns to engage Hippers, Mogamis, Kirovs, or Brooklyns at longer ranges nor even the speed to place herself in a more advantageous position out of sight from the larger cruisers.

Pros and cons


  • Excellent close to medium range firepower by destroyer standards


  • Poor survivability
  • Poor maneuverability
  • Poor accuracy and weapon trajectory at longer range


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