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Rank 4 Japan
IJN Mikuma Pack
Type T-38
Research:11 000 Specs-Card-Exp.png
Purchase:38 000 Specs-Card-Lion.png
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The Type T-38 is a rank II Japanese motor torpedo boat with a battle rating of 1.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.89 "Imperial Navy".

General info

Survivability and armour

Talk about the vehicle's armour. Note the most well-defended and most vulnerable zones, e.g. the ammo magazine. Evaluate the composition of components and assemblies responsible for movement and manoeuvrability. Evaluate the survivability of the primary and secondary armament separately. Don't forget to mention the size of the crew, which plays an important role in fleet mechanics. Save tips for preserving survivability in the "Use in battle" section.

If necessary, use a graphics template to show the most well-protected or most vulnerable points in the armour.


Write about the ship’s mobility. Evaluate its power and manoeuvrability, rudder rerouting speed, stopping speed at full tilt, with its maximum forward speed and reverse speed.


Primary armament

Main article: Type 96 (25 mm)

Provide information about the characteristics of the primary armament. Evaluate their efficacy in battle based on their reload speed, ballistics and the capacity of their shells. Add a link to the main article about the weapon: {{main|Weapon name (calibre)}}.

Broadly describe the ammunition available for the primary armament, and provide recommendations on how to use it and which ammunition to choose.

Torpedo armament

Main article: Type 2

Torpedoes launchers are standard equipment on many ships and boats. Torpedoes are a significant means of defeating an opponent. Evaluate the position of the torpedo launchers, discuss the ammunition available, firing specifics such as dead zones, features of the torpedoes themselves, etc.

Special armament

Main article: Type 95 depth charge

Depth charges, mines, rocket launchers and missiles are also effective in skilled hands and can take an off-guard opponent by surprise. Evaluate the ammunition of this type of armament and rate its performance in combat.

Usage in battles

This boat is not fastest in its rank and instead of rushing capture points at the start of round you should choose strategic points where you can cover your teammates with your powerful weapon. This weapon allows you to destroy boats very fast which is the best tactic to use since this boat doesn’t have any armor. You will excel in 1v1 close range, so avoid open spaces where high caliber guns can snipe you. Best tactics against big ships with armour and/or armament is to not confront them. In some cases (or if you decide to bring this boat into higher ranks) you can't avoid them so it's good to bring some APT ammo but even then you might struggle. If you bring this boat into higher rank you should be ready to use torpedoes and depth charges. APT ammo is also very good against boats without armor as it can easily damage engine and other lethal parts of the boat. Against airplanes you can choose HEI or keep APT as they both do an excellent job, but wait as they will be closer. Since you have only 15 rounds in the magazine and without fully trained crew little longer reload time, they can catch you while reloading and therefore you can't defend yourself.

Pros and cons


  • Excellent 25 mm gun, can destroy opponents within several direct hits
  • High speed



Describe the history of the creation and combat usage of the ship in more detail than in the introduction. If the historical reference turns out to be too long, take it to a separate article, taking a link to the article about the vehicle and adding a block "/ History" (example: https://wiki.warthunder.com/(Vehicle-name)/History) and add a link to it here using the main template. Be sure to reference text and sources by using <ref>, as well as adding them at the end of the article.


Excellent additions to the article would be video guides, screenshots from the game, and photos.

See also

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External links

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