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== Description ==
'''Type 93''' may refer to:
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The Type 93 Torpedo was a Japanese torpedo put into service in 1933. It is an oxygen-propelled torpedo that was given to surface ships to use against enemy battleships, and was used to deadly effect in the Pacific. In-game, it is mounted on the later Japanese warships, such as the [[IJN Yugumo]] destroyer and [[IJN Furutaka]] cruiser. Compared to most other torpedoes, these torpedoes have exceptionally long range that can reach as far as 20km, move very fast at 93km/h, and packing a very deadly warhead that is capable of sending even the toughest cruisers to the bottom of the ocean with one well-placed hit.  
===Machine guns===
* [[Type 93 (13.2 mm)]] - Japanese heavy machine gun for naval vehicles.
=== Vehicles equipped with this weapon ===
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* [[Type 93 Model 1, Mod 2 (610 mm)]]
* [[Type 93 Model 3 (610 mm)]]
* {{Specs-Link|jp_cruiser_furutaka}}
* {{Specs-Link|jp_destroyer_yugumo}}
* {{Specs-Link|jp_cruiser_agano}}
* {{Specs-Link|jp_destroyer_akizuki}}
* {{Specs-Link|jp_destroyer_kiyoshimo}}
== General info ==
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=== Effective damage ===
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A Type 93 torpedo, with its 627kg equivalent of TNT explosive warhead, is capable of destroying destroyers and cruisers in one hit. Cases where a target would require more than two torpedoes to destroy are exceptionally rare.
=== Comparison with analogues ===
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== Usage in battles ==
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The Type 93 Torpedo is possibly the best ship-launched torpedo in the game with an unrivaled range of 20km, 93km/h speed and 627kg of TNT equivalent explosive power. This gives it the longest range and fastest speed of any ship-launched torpedo in the game, and the second largest torpedo warhead. This will allow you to destroy any ship in the game with a torpedo strike. Destroyers are no match for the Type 93 and even cruisers will have a hard time holding up to a single torpedo strike.
One useful feature of the Type 93 torpedo is that on all ships to which they are mounted on as of [[Update 1.89 "Imperial Navy"]], the torpedo launchers can be reloaded with extra torpedoes stored on the deck of the ship. This feature is very useful in [[Realistic Battles]], as it allows your ship to carry more torpedoes than most other ships which do not sport the ability to reload their torpedoes. In [[Arcade Battles]], this will allow you to have a faster rate of fire for your torpedoes, since the torpedoes will replenish faster than the standard Arcade reload, allowing you to launch 16 torpedoes very quickly.
The Type 93 is a very useful torpedo in the Encounter gamemode, as their long range and fast speed will allow you to strike at the enemy convoy immediately from spawn. They can also be used against players by firing a large spread in an area where one would expect many ships to pass through. They can also catch an enemy ship at a distance where most conventional torpedoes will not be able to reach, off-guard.
=== Pros and cons ===
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* Extremely powerful warhead
* Fastest torpedo in the game
* Extremely long range at 20km/h
* Usually has access to torpedo reloads
== History ==
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== Media ==
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Type 93 may refer to:

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