Type 44 No.2 (450 mm)

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Type 44 No.2 (450 mm)
Type 44 No.2 (450 mm).png
Ship-launched TorpedoType
Japan Japan flag.pngCounty of Origin
General Characteristics
32.4 cmDiameter
_ mLength
750 kgMass
ShimoseExplosive Type
110 kgExplosive Mass
121 kg kgTNT Equivalent
65 km/hMax Speed
4 kmMax Range
50 mArming Distance
Torpedo Mode
50.6 km/hMax Speed
8 kmMax Range


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This torpedo is using Shimose powder. Shimose powder (下瀬火薬, Shimose kayaku) was a type of explosive shell filling developed by the Japanese naval engineer Shimose Masachika. The explosive was more stable than picric acid, and generated more heat and blast power than any other explosive available at the time. It also does not produce much smoke, which was an important advantage over normal gunpowder in combat. Shimose powder was adopted by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1893, not only for naval artillery, but also for naval mines, depth charges and torpedo warheads.


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