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Turn and Burn, called TnB for short, is a fighting philosophy that emphasizes turning in a fight above all else. It is most commonly fit for use in low tier planes, and in Jet Combat is very much obsolete, with one or another exception. Usually it is regarded as an "inferior" way of fighting, due to it being often used in situations where it makes little sense and due to it requiring less discipline than its polar opposite, Boom and Zoom.

Common Misconceptions

Using a TnB strategy does not mean negating climbing, in fact, most well turning planes do well at Energy fighting due to a high rate of climb owed to their lightness. Some attackers, like the IL-2 or the Ju 87 D-5 have a very good turning circle, yet it must be noted that TnB is not all about turning circles, as planes with poor power loading end up too slow to turn in a sustained turnfight

Planes that do particularly well when using TnB

Planes NOT to turnfight in


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