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The Shooting Range is a series of video produced by the War Thunder YouTube Community for the purpose of aiding the player base on certain aspects of the game such as game mechanics, pages of history, Q&A's, tactics, strategies, and more.


Before the series aired on June 9th, 2016, Gaijin releases various of informative videos online separately. "The Shooting Range" is meant to be a compilation of various of tips and tricks for the players to use. However, the information presented in the series require experience in gameplay mechanics to understand, so the target audience is definitely for War Thunder veterans.

Playlist for the whole series can be found here.


Latest videos

Latest three videos!

Episode 136
Episode 137
Episode 138

Video Summaries

Episode 1

Tactics & Strategy: Tank duels, taking advantage of enemy weaknesses, mobility, and armor sloping.
Science of War: Parallax error in third person view.
Pages of History: F4U Corsair history.
Hotline: Missile accuracy and balancing, huge maps, new German Tier V vehicles, and P-40B/C's.

Episode 2

Tactics & Strategy: Flying controls with keyboard.
Metal Beasts: P-61 Black Widow combat overview.
Science of War: HESH shells in combat.
Hotline: New sounds, the Canal Defense Light (CDL), and the Bf 109 Z.

Episode 3

Special: The First ATGM-Equipped Tanks
Pages of History: F2A Buffalo history.
Map Guide: Port of Novorossiysk
Hotline: - Naval implementation, smoke launchers, External fuel tanks, the "Grand Slam Bomb" for the Lancaster.

Episode 4

Pages of History: Heinkel He 219 UHU
Tactics & Strategy: How To Deal With Spawn Camping
Map Guide: Battle of Hürtgen Forest
Hotline: More British tanks, Focke-Wulf P VII (Flitzer), P59 Airacomet, Russian Bias.

Episode 5

Tactics & Strategy: Dive Bombing
Metal Beasts: Tiger II (H) Sla.16
Map Guide: Frozen Pass
Hotline: Dutch airplanes, adding the PTAB bomb, different sights for tanks, ammo weight, American Bias.

Episode 6 "Thinking Outside the Box"

Pages of History: Vickers Wellington
Tactics & Strategy: Using Binoculars
Challenge: Hunting aircraft with the T34 Calliope
Hotline: Britiain non-premium ATGM, Machine gun utility, WWII only matches, Later model corsairs, P-47 Razorback

Episode 7

Metal Beasts: Ki-43-III Otsu
Map Guide: Tunisia
Pages of History: Fiat G.50
Hotline: Italian defection, P-51H or P-51K, Tank lights, Bomb bay button, British Bias.

Episode 8

Special: Naval Battles
Pages of History: Bulkeley's Devil Boats
Pages of History: St Nazaire Raid
Hotline: Punishing Team-Killers, Night battles, Submarines, Update 1.61 speed.

Episode 9

Tactics & Strategy: Turning Point
Special: Losing a crew member
Metal Beasts: The Bristol Beaufighter
Hotline: All-vehicle mode, Canadian vehicles, Kamikaze in Naval Battles, Naval-counter aircraft, Wood chucks.

Episode 10

Pages of History: Yakovlev Yak-15: a turbojet fighter with the wings of a biplane;
RHA vs CHA vs FHA: we explain the way armour works;
Hotline: the developers answer questions that you’ve left in the comments!;
Tactics & Strategy: How to land on an aircraft carrier.

Episode 11

Challenge: we fight the mighty Maus with...reserve tanks. WHAT?
When a 76 mm gun and a couple of machine guns are not enough: the Katyusha-carrying armoured boat of project 1124
Hotline: the developers answer questions that you’ve left in the comments!
How to recover from a spin

Episode 12

What happens when the shell hits a target? We explain the way armour penetration works;
The Douglas SBD Dauntless: never too old for this;
Hotline: the developers answer questions that you’ve left in the comments!
Combat, take-off, landing...what are flaps and when to deploy them;

Episode 13

How to become president: [[|Elco 80 ft PT-109|PT-109]] Torpedo boat and its famous commander;
Want to try using some SPG, but you don’t know where to begin? We offer our best picks;
Hotline: the developers answer questions that you’ve left in the comments!
The British insect: how to fly the De Havilland Mosquito

Episode 14

Tactics & Strategy: A few tips for air battles.
Wooden Beasts: 8.8 cm FlaK 37 (sf.) auf s. Zgkw. 18t.
Pages of History: Kikka and Schwalbe.
Hotline: Japanese tanks, reloading animations, PS VR.

Episode 15

Metal Beasts: Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. H.
Pages of History: Japanese aircraft markings.
Map Guide: Sinai.
Hotline: IAR 80, camouflages for ships, F-100 Super Sabre, Gaijin logo.

Episode 16

Metal Beasts: Blohm und Voss BV-238.
Pages of History: F9F Panther & F-9 Cougar.
Special: High caliber soviet bias set.
Hotline: World War mode, flamethrowers, sound effects.

Episode 17

Tactics & Strategy: Spotting the enemy.
Science of War: G-forces & G-LOC.
Special: Earning silver.
Hotline: Pilot models, Golden Eagles transfer, user skins in PS4.

Episode 18

Metal Beasts: M163 VADS.
Pages of History: Focke-Wulf 190A.
Challenge: Tank bowling.
Hotline: Italian aircraft tree, lobby system for map choosing, Xbox One support.

Episode 19

Pages of History: CAC Boomerang.
Tactics & Strategy: Finding angles for angling.
Special: Best aircraft for SB.
Hotline: B-26 Marauder, multi-crewed planes controlled by more than one player.

Episode 20

Metal Beasts: Nakajima Ki-87.
Special: The size of a tank crew.
Challenge: Bringing a torpedo to a tank fight.
Hotline: Jet flame visual effect, sights for SPAAs, Boulton Paul Defiant.

Episode 21

Special: The start of the naval pre-beta test.
Special: Our fleet... so far!
Pages of History: Exercise Tiger.
Hotline: How does the CBT work?, Participating in the CBT after purchasing a pre-order pack, pre-order pack vessel receiving, PS4 support.

Episode 22

Metal Beasts: RAM Mk.II (M4A5).
Pages of History: TB-3.
Special: The best top tier tank.
Hotline: F6F-5N, Project 1124 rockets, depth charges.

Episode 23

Special: A set for a Japanese ace.
Metal Beasts: Heavy tank T29.
Pages of History: Tempest Mk II and its engine.
Hotline: naval forces release date, parasite fighters, French tanks, tank machine guns.

Episode 24

Special: Playing the World War Mode!
Special: The Japanese are rolling out!
Pages of History: Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident.
Hotline: more detailed plane damage model.

Episode 25

Pages of History: Douglas A-20 Havoc
Special: Nose Art
Challenge: Skip Bombing
Hotline: Performances in old computers, bomber cockpit details, Naval closed beta test, and happy holidays!

Episode 26

Metal Beasts: Chi-Ri II
Pages of History: 18th of August, 1919
Pages of History: Focke-Wulf Ta 154
Hotline: Time cursor in replay, ram kills, Japanese crew names, and first year experience.

Episode 27

Metal Beasts: Type 60
Pages of History: Ki-43 & Itokawa Hideo
Map Guide: 38th Parallel
Hotline: Sound rework, plane ramming damage effect, and World War mode.

Episode 28

Metal Beasts: Object 906
Pages of History: Sukhoi Su-2
Map Guide: Abandoned Factory
Hotline: Hydropneumatic suspension, ToG II, and 1/2 year anniversary of Shooting Range.

Episode 29

Special: RAAF Aircraft Set
Special: Soviet Tank Camouflage
Challenge: Shooting at a Plane From the Other Side of the Map.
Hotline: Sonic booms, French armour, Churchill AVRE, and sushi.

Episode 30

Special: "Convoy"
Metal Beasts: MZ1 & the Project 122bis
Pages of History: Lockheed Super Electra/Hudson
Hotline: Japanese heavy tank, future of Japanese ground forces, PS VR support, and over-powered terrain.

Episode 31

Tactics & Strategy: Working in Tandem
Pages of History: Heinkel He 100
Metal Beasts: Vickers A1E1 Independent
Hotline: Armoured cars, new Chieftain, meaning of "bis", and a face reveal.

Episode 32

Tactics & Strategy: Working in Tandem II
Special: The Best Medium Tank at Around BR 5.0
Special: Soviet Modifications
Hotline: More tank skins, Free non-Rank I premium vehicle, Ka-Mi amphibious capabilities, and War Thunder mechanics.

Episode 33

Metal Beasts: Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard
Pages of History: SB-2
Special: User-made Camouflages
Hotline: Reporting process, skip bombing, Japanese tanks, and game experience.

Episode 34

Tactics & Strategy: Fighting More Maneuverable Enemies
Pages of History: Pz.Kpfw.V Panther
Challenge: Fighting AA Guns on Their Turf
Hotline: More RB maps, O-I heavy tank, sandbag armour, and BR change satisfaction.

Episode 35

Metal beasts: Super Pershing
Pages of History: Women Pilots
Special: User-made Camouflages II
Hotline: Italian armour, engineer vehicles, radars, and the Kugelpanzer.

Episode 36

Tactics & Strategy: Heavy Fighters
Pages of History: T29
Pages of History: Ju.87 Stuka
Hotline: Professional Esports, mobile release, and test ranges.

Episode 37

Metal beasts: IS-6
Special: Gun Stabilizers
Map Guide: Guiana Highlands
Hotline: Single-player missions, British APHE, 3D modeling references, and the P1000 Ratte.

Episode 38

Metal beasts: XF5U-1
Pages of History: Eisen Kaputt
Metal beasts: Project Bigfoot
Hotline: Submarines, World War I vehicles, flying tanks, and Lowes.
Trivia: This episode was released on April 1st.

Episode 39

Pages of History: N1K1-Ja Shiden
Special: How do Tanks Steer
Special: The Weirdest British Vehicles
Hotline: Hull machine gun, armoured trains, and tank smokes.

Episode 40

Special: Air Assault
Metal beasts: Sturmpanzer II
Pages of History: Gloster Gladiator
Hotline: Tanker profile pictures, Fairey Gannet, ramming ships.

Episode 41

Special: Stabilized Shermans
Pages of History: Fw 190 D-13
Special: User-made Camouflages III
Hotline: More AF maps, replay system, ground assault, Thunder League.

Episode 42

Tactics & Strategy: Flying with a Single Flap
Pages of History: Tank, Infantry, Mk IV (A22) Churchill
Pages of History: Yak-3T
Hotline: Destroyers & cruisers, Soviet Rank II stabilization, Type 60 ATM issue, and pancakes.

Episode 43

Tactics & Strategy: A Gentleman's Guide to Winning
Pages of History: Ki-61
Special: User-made Missions II
Hotline: VE Day, bomber gunner FPS, cruisers & destroyers, international tree, did you read this?

Episode 44

Metal beasts: P-63A-5 Kingcobra
Special: []
Special: User-made Missions III
Hotline: Program language, underdog trees, assault mode difficulty, robbery, stupid questions.

Episode 45

Special: Introducing the Italian Aviation
Pages of History: CR.32
Pages of History: G.55S
Hotline: Model creation, X-ray cam for planes, airfield loadout changes, most played song.

Episode 46

Special: Update 1.69
Metal beasts: T-55A
Pages of History: G.91
Hotline: All-vehicle events, bomber repairs, spoiling the community, human writer.

Episode 47

Special: How to Flak
Metal beasts: BM-13N "Katyusha"
Pages of History: Hawker Hunter
Hotline: Rank 5 smoke, multinational tree, Italian white flag, I like trains.

Episode 48

Special: A Gentleman's Guide to Winning II
Metal beasts: P.108A
Pages of History: Ki-10
Hotline: Ammo weight, naval forces, office tour, French tree.

Episode 49

Special: World War Q&A
Pages of History: KV-1S
Pages of History: MC.205V
Hotline: Pilot models, sniper rifles, Italian tanks, 2-OP PO-2, 1 year anniversary.

Episode 50

Special: War Thunder Veterans Club
Hotline: Special Q&A with Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment.

Episode 51

Special: B-29 & Tu-4
Pages of History: Churchill Mk.III-VII
Pages of History: The Tu-2 and Polikarpov
Hotline: 4 questions, French error, smoke round lethality, Deus Vult.
Trivia: Last episode narrated by Shaun

Episode 52

Special: A Gentleman's Guide to Winning III
Metal beasts: 152mm Gun Tank M60A2 <<Starship>>.
Pages of History: Consolidated PBY Catalina
Hotline: British vs Royal Army, handling real tanks, Italian jets, the M41 Walker Bulldog, and camouflage on PT boats.

Episode 53

Tactics & Strategy: Fletcher-class DD.
Pages of History: Bf 110
Pages of History: Aichi D3A
Hotline: Terrain effect on tanks, artillery vehicles, Blenheims, and bargaining.

Episode 54

Special: War Thunder in 2016.
Metal beasts: Yugumo Class Destroyer.
Pages of History: German Half-Tracks
Hotline: Italian ground forces, dead bomber mates, Esports, and show name origin.

Episode 55

Metal beasts: Spähpanzer Ru 251
Pages of History: Bell P-39 Airacobra
Challenge: Racing on a Jet Bomber
Hotline: B-29 nuclear armament, bigger ships, and Gaijin's name in Japanese.

Episode 56

Tactics & Strategy: Crash Course: Italian Planes
Pages of History: The low profile of the T-44
Pages of History: Swordfish
Hotline: Long-range bombers for Germany, Ilyushin IL-40, Zeppelins, Shenanigans!

Episode 57

War Machines: 29-K
Special: Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
Pages of History: The two turrets of the "King Tiger"
Hotline: Fairey Gannet, AI planes in test flights, More wheeled tanks, Stalinium.

Episode 58

Tactics & Strategy: MTB vs Destroyer
Pages of History: The 3rd of November, 1943
Metal beasts: Sd.Kfz.234/4
Hotline: More British planes, submarines, aircraft carriers; events against the dev team, super saian modes

Episode 59

Pages of History: The Soviet Shermans
Special: User-made Missions
Pages of History: P-43A-1 Lancer
Hotline: Horton 18, armoured cars, KV-2 reloads, combined arms game mode.

Episode 60

Metal beasts: Ki-94-II
Special: Rank 6 Armoured Vehicles
Pages of History: J7W1
Hotline:, mixed RB maps, 1.71 update release, Quidditch gamemode

Episode 61

Special: Preparing for the new tanks
Pages of History: Richard P. Stevens
Pages of History: IS-1
Hotline: Rank VI tanks for nations, free-to-play game, A-36 HVAR rockets, host's name.

Episode 62

Metal beasts: Object 120 "Taran"
Special: The Update 1.71
Map Guide: The New Maps
Hotline: Number of players per team, B-36 bomber, US M8 Greyhound armoured car, fps limit.

Episode 63

Pages of History: Leopard
War Machines: BMP-1
Pages of History: Hornet
Hotline: AP vs HE bombs, Rank VI naval forces, Tank single missions, 5 million GE.

Episode 64

War Machines: T114
Pages of History: Heinz Knoke
Special: Wagers
Hotline: Special video for questions, Cold War Matchmaking, Calculations per second, Easter eggs.

Episode 65

Pages of History: T-64 (and Soviet MBT development)
War Machines: Do.335B-2
Pages of History: Mitsubishi A5M
Hotline: Special video for questions, MiG-19, More WW2 Vehicles, More air bombing targets.

Episode 66

Special: The French are coming!
Pages of History: Dewoitine D.371 & SO.8000 Narval
Hotline: Special video for questions, M-51 Super Sherman, Panzer 2 L "Luchs", Custom Tanks.

Episode 67

War Machines: He 100 D-1
Pages of History: Caudron CR.714
Special: New Battle Ratings
Hotline: Special video for questions, French Tanks, Sweedish Tech Tree, Rank 6 Aircraft.

Episode 68

Pages of History Special: Ferdinand Porsche
Hotline: Special video for questions, A-10 Warthog, Ju-287, French Decals, War thunder on Xbox One.

Episode 69

War Machines: D.371 H.S.9
Special: French Planes
Pages of History: S.O.4050 Vautour II
Hotline: Special video for questions, IFVs and Scout Vehicles, Attack Helicopters, Is it boring to read the comments, Where is footage from.

Episode 70

Metal Beasts: S.O.4050 Vautour IIA
Special: VB.10-02 vs. P-47N-15
Pages of History: Dassault MD.450B Ouragan
Hotline: Special video for questions, Tier 6 Japanese Tanks, Sturmtiger, Object 279.

Episode 71

Metal Beasts: N.C.223.3
Pages of History: Vultee A-35
Metal Beasts: Fiat P40 "Leoncello"
Hotline: Special video for questions, More heavy bombers, B-26, Lowe.

Episode 72

Metal Beasts: S.O.8000 Narval
Pages of History: IS-2
Pages of History: Arsenal VG.33
Hotline: Special video for questions, French Tanks, BA-3 & BA-6, KV-6.

Episode 73

Metal Beasts: Begleitpanzer 57
Pages of History: Forward Swept Wings
Pages of History: Yak-3 and the Nomandie-Niemen Regiment
Hotline: Special video for questions, cross platform gaming, He-177, Replays.

Episode 74

Metal Beasts: Waffenträger
Pages of History: Char B1
Pages of History: That mimic Hurriton
Hotline: Special video for questions, History of the Vampire FB.5, More He-162 versions, Blackburn Buccaneer.

Episode 75

Metal Beasts: B1 ter
Pages of History: Char B1 bis and B1 ter
Pages of History: Nakajima Ki-44
Hotline: Special video for questions, Soviet Hurricanes, G.91Y, Experimental Soviet Fighters.

Episode 76

Special: War Thunder in 2017
Special: Holiday Etiquette
Specail: Christmas Events
Hotline: Special video for questions, Button for backflips, What comment was number 402, how many kg of baguettes french bombers carry.

Episode 77

Pages of History: SAu 40
Pages of History: AMX-13
Pages of History: I-29
Hotline: Special video for questions, FPS lock, TV-8, Czech Tanks.

Episode 78

War Machines: M4A1 (FL10)
Pages of History: One-Man Turrets
Pages of History: MC.205N
Hotline: Special video for questions, Italian Tanks, When ships will be in OBT, FuldaMap Size.

Episode 79

War Machines: Lorraine 40t
Pages of History: Somua S35
Map Guide: Middle East
Hotline: Special video for questions, Italian Tanks / Reggiane Planes, Modern Tanks, International Tech Tree.

Episode 80

War Machines: AEC Mk.II
Special: The Renewed Light Tanks
Pages of History: Hotchkiss H35
Hotline: Special video for questions, War Thunder Nintendo switch, History of Vampire FB.5, Error in previous episode.

Episode 81

War Machines: F3D-1
Pages of History: Panzer 1
Pages of History: Westland Whirlwind
Hotline: Special video for questions, War Thunder Xbox One X ETA, Me-410 History, More german planes.

Episode 82

Tactics & Strategy: MiG-17 vs. ground forces
Pages of History: Ki-94-II
Map Guide: Maginot Line
Hotline: Special video for questions, Tiger II history, Improvements to damage in test flights, World War Mode Release.

Episode 83

War Machines: AMX-30B2
Pages of History: The last King Tigers
Pages of History: Douglas A-26 Invader
Hotline: Special video for questions, Single Player tank campaign, Aircaft Carriers in naval battles, British light tank line.

Episode 84

War Machines: T-34
Pages of History: T20
Pages of History: Hampden TB Mk.1
Hotline: Special video for questions, French Ships, F4 Phantom, Ocean Map.

Episode 85

War Machines: A30 Challenger
Pages of History: FCM 36
Pages of History: Vampire FB.5
Hotline: Special video for questions, Shooting down ATGMs, Italian Tanks / Reggiane Planes, Disappearing Decals, New Gamemodes.

Episode 86

War Machines: ARL-44
Pages of History: Vasily Golubief
Pages of History: Women in the Royal Air Force
Hotline: Special video for questions, Classified Armour Values, World War Mode, BT-42.

Episode 87

Metal Beasts: Challenger 1
Pages of History: Re.2000
Special: New Visual Effects
Hotline: Special video for questions, Turning tank engines off / on, More stories about Axis forces, Banned account.

Episode 88

Metal Beasts: M1 Abrams
Pages of History: The Soviet MBTs
Pages of History: Heinkel He 177 Greif
Hotline: Special video for questions, New Jets, Custom Ammo Belts, More French Tanks.

Episode 89

Metal Beasts: KV-6 Behemoth
Special: Happy Birthday, RAF!
Special: The legends of War Thunder
Hotline: Special video for questions, M1 Abrams announcement, Axis subnations, Cadillac Gage Commando V-150, Russians.

Episode 90

Metal Beasts: T-64B
Pages of History: La-200
Special: War Thunder Marketplace
Hotline: Special video for questions, how long to make a Shooting Range script, Swiss Army, How to make user made model.

Episode 91

Metal Beasts: Magach 3
Pages of History: P-36
Tactics & Strategy: The Best SPAA Vehicles
Hotline: Special video for questions, BT-42, not using the market place, Flying Pancake.

Episode 92

Metal Beasts: Spitfires
Pages of History: SM.81 Pipistrello
Tactics & Strategy: How to play the Tiger
Hotline: Special video for questions, T-72, stop adding vehicles and fix the game, Shooting Range on Thursday instead of Sunday.

Episode 93

Metal Beasts: Martin-Baker MB.5
Pages of History: PV-2D Harpoon
Special: WW2 Chronicles
Hotline: Special video for questions, M60A1 APFSDS, Air to Air Missiles, Special event for world cup.

Episode 94

Metal Beasts: Leopard 2K
Pages of History: M1 Abrams
Pages of History: Tandem MAI
Hotline: Special video for questions, Problem with Rank 6 aircraft, More Leopards, Two step authentication and Steam for market place.

Episode 95

Metal Beasts: Spitfires part 2
Pages of History: IS-4M
Pages of History: Do.217N
Hotline: Special video for questions, More wheeled ground vehicles, WWI and early WWII vehicles, Fritz X glide bomb.

Episode 96

Metal Beasts: Lorraine 155 Mle.50
Metal Beasts: T18E2 "Boarhound"
Pages of History: F3F-2
Hotline: Special video for questions, BF-109 series, what comes after modern tanks, GDR vehicles for German tree.

Episode 97

Metal Beasts: Gun Trucks
Pages of History: Dassault Mystère II
Special: Getting ready for the Type 90
Hotline: Special video for questions, Australian vehicles, sponsorship, choose tracer colour.

Episode 98

Metal Beasts: F4U-1a Corsair
Pages of History: AMX-50
Pages of History: P-40F
Hotline: Special video for questions, future plans for German ground forces, armed jeeps, pronunciation of SNECMA.

Episode 99

Metal Beasts: AMX-50 Foch
Pages of History: IAR-80
Tactics & Strategy: Heavy Fighters
Hotline: Special video for questions, Helicopters, Xbox Edition, Italy captured planes, How to get on Dev Server.

Episode 100

Special: The Shooting Range (the making of)
Special: What lies ahead
Special: The creative celebration
Hotline: Special video for questions, Dogfighting tips, Free money, cup of tea decal.

Episode 101

Metal Beasts: Leopard 2A4
Pages of History: Fritz-X
Special: Bf 110
Hotline: Special video for questions, T-72, Job at Gaijin, Michael Wittmann's Tiger 1, change ammo without firing shot.

Episode 102

Metal Beasts: Z-20 Karl Galster
Pages of History: USS Cowell
Special: The best Torpedo bombers for naval battles
Hotline: Special video for questions, P-51 History, World War Mode Beta, Renault FT-17, Spaceships.

Episode 103

Special: #100 episodes (contest winners)
Metal Beasts: T-62M-1
Pages of History: Ki-32
Hotline: Special video for questions, Swastikas, Object 279, Ju 87 C-1 (and more naval planes), F-84F-25.

Episode 104

Metal Beasts: Type 140/141
Pages of History: Arseniy Vorozheykin
Metal Beasts: XM-803
Hotline: Special video for questions, Tier 6 Jets, New Tech Tree, Optimize to run on weaker computers, adding Yugoslavia to the game.

Episode 105

Metal Beasts: Chieftain Marksman
Pages of History: Z-21 destroyer
Map Guide: Northern Port
Hotline: Special video for questions, Battleships, Episode about Object 120, Dutch Planes, BT-42.

Episode 106

Metal Beasts: PT-810
Pages of History: XM-803
Tactics & Strategy: Playing Aircraft In Naval Battles
Hotline: Special video for questions, IS-7 Gameplay, Episode about M24 Chaffee, Girls und Panzer decals, chat bug.

Episode 107

Metal Beasts: Type 90
Pages of History: IS-7
Tactics & Strategy: Glass Cannons
Hotline: Special video for questions, SMK history, Gaijin financial situation, working anchors for ships.

Episode 108

Metal Beasts: Conqueror Mk.2
Pages of History: G.56
Tactics & Strategy: Heavy Caliber Weapons
Hotline: Special video for questions, Playable infantry, Release date for Italian tanks.

Episode 109

Metal Beasts: IS-7
Pages of History: Ar-2
Tactics & Strategy: Fritz-X
Hotline: Special video for questions, DMM events, Hotline answers, submarines.

Episode 110

Metal Beasts: UH-1 Huey
Pages of History: AH-1 Cobra
Pages of History: Mi-24
Hotline: Special video for questions, Swastika, Italian Tanks, Bf-109 & Bf-110.

Episode 111

Special: Category:ATGM_vehicles
War Machines: C.205N2
Pages of History: Alexandra Boiko
Hotline: Special video for questions, Answer more questions in hotline, British Helicopters, Shell prices.

Episode 112

Special: Multi-Turreted Tanks
War Machines: Il-28Sh
Pages of History: MO-4 boats
Hotline: Special video for questions, Partnering with tank collectors, Otto Carius, Modern Day Tanks (Amarta).

Episode 113

Episode 114

Episode 115

Episode 116

Episode 117

Episode 118

Episode 119

Episode 120

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