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  -->{{#if: {{{store|}}} |<!--
  -->{{#if: {{{store|}}} |<!--
     --><div class="ttx-buy"><div data-title="https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?id={{{store|}}}&partner=Wiki&partner_val=lc9fhfph" class="ttx-buy-button">BUY</div></div><!--
     --><div class="ttx-buy"><div data-title="https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?id={{{store|}}}&partner=Wiki&partner_val=mufby3bs" class="ttx-buy-button">BUY</div></div><!--
     -->[[Category:With buy button]]__NOBANNER__<!--
     -->[[Category:With buy button]]__NOBANNER__<!--

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This template is used to create specification cards for vehicles. This template is required for Template:Specs to function properly.


| code=
| store=
| market=
| cockpit=


  • code - the code of the desired vehicle (required).
  • store - the store code of the vehicle (optional).
  • market - the name of the vehicle on Gaijin Marketplace (optional).
  • cockpit - the Roundme code of the cockpit tour (optional).