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  • Excellent FRAG damage (the Soviet way)
  • Heavy hitting fragmentation shells (FI-T)
  • Low rate of fire compensates for usual lack of ammo


  • Low rate of fire
  • Low shell velocity
  • Mediocre fire rating for AP-I
  • Outclassed in HE damage by many 20mm cannons

The NS-23 gun features only two types of rounds:

  • Fragmentation incendiary tracer shell (FI-T) – The most devastating shell available. Don’t be fooled by the absence of HE rounds, the FI-T shell contains 11g of A-IX-2 explosive filler (total mass of shell – 196g). For comparison a 20mm Shvak HEF shell contains only 6,7g of explosives (total mass of shell – 91g). The high weight of the shell also allows for twice as heavy shrapnel than that from 20mm rounds, which is very important when damaging wing and control surfaces.
  • Armor-piercing incendiary shell (AP-I) – Only useful for knocking out enemy pilots and damaging control surfaces. In comparison to the FI-T shell it is much less effective. The round weighs 199g and contains 6g of incendiary substance located at the tip of the shell. Fired at 0° from a distance of 100m it is capable of penetrating 23mm of armour.

Four different ammunition belts are available:

  • Default (FI-T | AP-I) – the default belt, second best choice.
  • Armored targets (FI-T | AP-I | AP-I | AP-I) – only useful in cases where there is a need to take down a light pillbox fast.
  • Air targets (FI-T | FI-T | FI-T | AP-I) – the best choice for air to air combat due to the highest amount of FI-T shells
  • Stealth (AP-I) – not recommended, against air targets the damage is insufficient to kill in one pass most times. The awful ballistics also make it unsuited for attacking light pillboxes making it very easy to miss the slit without tracers.