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Rank IV USSR | Premium | Golden Eagles
Tu-1 Pack
This page is about the premium German fighter Tempest Mk V (Germany). For the British version, see Tempest Mk V. For other versions, see Tempest (Family).
▀Tempest Mk V
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▀Tempest Mk V
6.0 5.7 6.3
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The ▀Tempest Mk V is a premium rank IV German fighter with a battle rating of 6.0 (AB), 5.7 (RB), and 6.3 (SB). It was introduced in Update 1.43 as a premium vehicle purchasable in-game with Golden Eagles Ge icon.png, but was removed from in-game sale after the 9th Anniversary Sale.

General info

Flight performance

Max speed
at 6 700 m695 km/h
Turn time20 s
Max altitude11 125 m
EngineNapier Sabre 2
Cooling systemWater
Take-off weight6 t

The Tempest has an excellent Napier Sabre 2 engine. It allows air speeds up to 727 km/h (393 knots). The aircraft has a descent manoeuvrability, and extending the flaps helps massively in turning. You can outmanoeuvre almost any American airplane, but dogfighting isn't recommended in this plane. It can withstand from 14 G to -7 G.

Characteristics Max Speed
(km/h at 6,700 m)
Max altitude
Turn time
Rate of climb
Take-off run
Stock 666 651 11125 21.0 21.6 16.9 16.9 250
Upgraded 728 695 19.1 20.0 24.6 20.4


Combat flaps Take-off flaps Landing flaps Air brakes Arrestor gear
Wings (km/h) Gear (km/h) Flaps (km/h) Max Static G
Combat Take-off Landing + -
880 361 412 389 269 ~14 ~7
Optimal velocities (km/h)
Ailerons Rudder Elevators Radiator
< 440 < 430 < 530 > 337
Compressor (RB/SB)
Setting 1
Optimal altitude 100% Engine power WEP Engine power
1,447 m 2,065 hp 2,272 hp
Setting 2
Optimal altitude 100% Engine power WEP Engine power
4,981 m 1,735 hp 1,909 hp

Survivability and armour

Crew1 person
Speed of destruction
Structural880 km/h
Gear361 km/h

The Tempest's weakest point is the engine. It is very big and gives away after 2-3 hits. The aircraft becomes vulnerable because speed is one of its biggest advantages. It has an armoured glass in the front (44.45 mm or 1.75 in), and armour on the back of the seat (16.9 mm or 0.66 in). Its worst opponent is the Spitfire series. It's best not to mess with them. If you entered a dogfight reduce airspeed, extend flaps and let them overshoot. The Tempest is also vulnerable to AAA fire. You should avoid flying over enemy bases and airfields. If impossible to avoid, get close to the ground and fly away. Other than that the aircraft is very durable. It can withstand a solid amount of damage with MGs and cannons in the hull. To increase chances of surviving, you should always avoid decreasing airspeed under 200 km/h (107 knots).

Modifications and economy

Repair cost
AB1 928 Sl icon.png
RB4 282 Sl icon.png
SB7 014 Sl icon.png
Crew training10 000 Sl icon.png
Experts320 000 Sl icon.png
Aces1 100 Ge icon.png
Research Aces1 050 000 Rp icon.png
Reward for battleAB / RB / SB
Talisman.png 2 × 100 / 230 / 510 % Sl icon.png
Talisman.png 2 × 172 / 172 / 172 % Rp icon.png
Flight performance Survivability Weaponry
Mods aerodinamic fuse.png
Fuselage repair
Mods radiator.png
Mods compressor.png
Mods aerodinamic wing.png
Wings repair
Mods new engine.png
Mods metanol.png
Engine injection
Mods armor frame.png
Mods armor cover.png
Mods ammo.png
Mod arrow 0.png
Mods weapon.png


Offensive armament

Ammunition800 rounds
Fire rate750 shots/min
Main article: Hispano Mk.V (20 mm)

The Tempest Mk V (Germany) is armed with:

  • 4 x 20 mm Hispano Mk.V cannons, wing-mounted (200 rpg = 800 total)

Usage in battles

The Tempest has great performance in altitudes up to 5,000 m (16,404 ft). It isn't recommended to hunt bombers. The aircraft is best at destroying less manoeuvrable planes like: Fw 190s, F4U Corsairs, Bf 109s, ground attack planes and any bomber that comes near the ground. It excels at high speeds. However it isn't a classic boom-and-zoom aircraft because you shouldn't fly too high after attack. The guns reach maximum efficiency when firing in bursts. Try to avoid long bursts, a burst should not exceed 5-6 bullets. You should replace the climbing with flying away in a more or less straight line. Don't attack unless you can fly away at a high airspeed (at least 500 km/h or 269 knots).

Manual Engine Control

MEC elements
Mixer Pitch Radiator Supercharger Turbocharger
Oil Water Type
Controllable Controllable
Auto control available
Not controllable
Not auto controlled
Auto control available
Combined Controllable
2 gears
Not controllable

Pros and cons


  • Great airspeed
  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Four Hispano 20 mm cannons
  • Excellent Silver Lion and Research Points boosters


  • Engine vulnerable to damage
  • Plane is large, presenting a big target for enemies
  • Cannot equip payloads
  • Expensive to purchase
  • Lacking the "150 octane fuel" modification compared to the original British Tempest Mk V, this reduces the engine power by a solid 620 horsepower (although the plane still gets impressive engine performance for its rank)


On October 15, 1944, a Hawker Tempest Mk V, EJ709, flown by F/O George Taylor Kinnel of the RNZAF, was flying an armed reconnaissance mission over Münster when he was hit by flak and crash-landed at Nieukerk. He survived the landing and was taken as a POW.[1]

The aircraft was salvaged by 2./Versuchsverband O.K.L. and moved to Finnow. There, it was repaired with parts from another Tempest that had been shot down near Hespe in December 1944. The repairs were finished on January 4, 1945. It was then brought to Rechlin for testing.[1]



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