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Spitfire F Mk IX

I'm getting blackbeard onto the engine power issue. From my experience, the Spitfire F Mk IX outperforms 109 G-2s above 5000 metres. --Aussie_Mantis (talk)

"rolling above 9Gs breaks muh weeng off hurr durrr lawlz o-O"

WHERE DO PEOPLE GET THIS INFO FROM?! It's on nearly all the spitfire pages, and simply ISN'T TRUE! It can't pull Gs above its overload limit because you either black out before it happens or you're going so fast that the elevator can't pull you that hard or you're going so slow the Gs cap at 8-9 and stay there. -- Aussie_Mantis (talk) 10:33, 27 May 2020 (UTC)