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But does it really have optical system?

Tried to find any information on its passive optical tracking system mentioned in patch notes, but so far my conclusion is that It uses radar by default for both search and tracking and is clearly visible to helis during it.

Perhaps if it shut down the radar player can manually lock onto things with sniper scope to do optical lock-on? Or change radar mode to do optical?

Browsed a multitude of media, but found no evidence (even accidental) of it existing on it so far. It seems not a lot of people even tried to look for it, though helis hate ADATS with passion and it could help against them. Strange.

The ADATS uses a search radar, but has infared tracking (at least that is what is modelled in game). If you have the search radar on then helis will see you because it is a radar. You should in theory be able to lock onto a target and not be detected if the search radar is turned off, although not tested this in game.