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The Full Volokolamsk Map

Surroundings of Volokolamsk is a ground forces map available in all modes, using the same map as the Volokolamsk map. It was added in Update 1.77 "Advancing Storm". The difference between this map and the Volokolamsk map is that the battle area has been significantly increased; whereas on Volokolamsk the battle area is (usually) restricted to a small part of the map, on this map the battle area is nearly the entire 4km x 4km map (seen to the right).

For a detailed description of the layout of the map, and the style of combat in different areas, see the Volokolamsk article.

In general this map favours slower paced, long range combat, owing to its large size and spaced out objectives.

The full tank map is 4km x 4km and nearly all of it is playable. The battle area is the same size in AB, RB & SB; in Domination mode the battle area is 3.8km x 3.8km and in Battle mode it is 3.3km x 3.3km. The air battles map is 32km x 32km.

Game Description

Historical Background

See the Volokolamsk map article for historical information.

Map configuration

There are three Capture Points. Point A is at the derailed train in the centre south of the map, B is in the centre of the town of Bolshoe Nikolskoe and C is in the town of Nelidovo.

The Domination configuration.

There are two capture points, each owned by one of the teams. The points are in the towns of Nelidovo and Bolshoe Nikolskoe.

The Battle configuration.



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