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* [[Golden Eagles]]
* [[Golden Eagles]]
* [[Research Points]]
* [[Research Points]]
* [[Warbonds]]
[[Category:Currency and research points]]
[[Category:Currency and research points]]

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Currency SilverLionsWallpaper.jpg

Silver Lions Sl icon.png are the basic in-game currency for War Thunder that are gained by destroying the enemies, gaining achievements, rewarded through trophies, completing missions, and exchanging Golden Eagles for them.

Silver Lions are used in-game for:

  • Purchasing new vehicles
  • Purchasing unlocked modifications for vehicles
  • Restocking ammunition for vehicle weapons
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Training the crew (slots) to use specific vehicles
  • Upgrading the crew into the expert qualification for a vehicle
  • Purchasing additional crew slots for use (maximum two before Golden Eagles are used)
  • Creating training squadrons
Conversion window to turn Golden Eagles into Silver Lions.

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