Second Battle of El Alamein

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An epic battle between armour of the British troops under the command of General Bernard Montgomery and the North African Italian-German group of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, that took place between October the 23rd and November the 27th in 1942.[1]

Scenario tasks

Victory will be awarded to the team that first fulfills at least one of the tasks in the scenario within the allotted time.

Great Britain
  • Capture 3 sectors (E3,H4,H7) within 2 hours
  • Capture at least 65% of the sectors within 2 hours
  • Prevent an enemy superiority in number of vehicles 3 times.
  • Hold at least 1 sector from E3,H4,H7 for 2 hours
  • Hold at least 36% of sectors for 2 hours
  • Gain superiority in the number of vehicles 3 times

Participating vehicles

Great Britain
  • Wellington_Mk.Ic
  • Spitfire_Mk.Vb/trop
  • Churchill_Mk.III
  • Matilda_Mk.II
  • Grant_I_(Great Britain)
  • Crusader_Mk.II
  • Valentine_Mk.I
  • Sherman_II
  • Crusader_Mk.III
  • Crusader_AA_Mk.II
  • Ju 87D-3
  • Ju 88A-4
  • Bf 109F-4/trop
  • Sturmpanzer_II
  • Pz II_C_(DAK)
  • Pz III_J1
  • Pz IV_F2
  • Marder_III
  • Pz III_J
  • Flakpanzer_38

Initial balance of power

Wwmap el alamein.png


  1. This scenario first appeared on the 11th of July in 2017 within the “World War” CBT game mode.