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Game Modes
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The full Sinai Map

Sands of Sinai is a ground forces map, using the same map as the Sinai Map. It was added in Update 1.63 "Desert_Hunters", alongside the Sinai map. The difference between this map and the Sinai map is that the battle area has been moved and increased in size. On the Sinai map the battle area is located in the elevated area in the east of the full location (seen on the right). In Sands of Sinai, the battle area is located in the west of the map and spans to include some of the elevated eastern area.

The very east of the map includes the elevated area from the west of the Sinai map, separated from the rest of the map by a large rocky strip. Players tend to climb up to this area from their teams eastern spawn. Once in the area tanks will either engage other tanks in the area at long range, or attempt to advance towards the middle of the area, where there is an opening in the rocks, proving access to the rest of the map. From this area (and other openings in the rocks) players can shoot down on most of the rest of the map, and engage enemy tanks in the open at long range. Later in the battle players can advance through the rest of the area into the enemy's spawn area, or down into the centre of the map, depending on the situation.

The main eastern area of the map contains a large town, in the middle of which there is sometimes a capture point. Players entering the town are vulnerable to fire from tanks in the elevated eastern section of the map, and from tanks in the centre of the map. Players can set up and wait to engage enemy tanks at longer range, as they pass through / round the town, or enter the town themselves to engage in short range combat.

The middle of the map consists of open desert, broken up by rocky areas. A capture point is sometimes located in the centre of the map, between the large rocks, and in Battle the capture areas are in between smaller rocks in the north and south. The middle section helps break up the map, and provide some protection to those in the west from being shot from across the map.

The west of the map consists of open desert, the only cover players have from enemy tanks are the sand dunes and the odd rock. A capture zone is sometimes located in the middle of the western area, surrounded by fairly small rocks. The sand cloud effects are particularly noticeable in this area of the map, and can reduce the player’s visibility in some cases.

The full ground forces map is 4km x 4km, but the battle area in Sands of Sinai is limited to 1.9km x 1.9km in AB and 2.5km x 2.5km in RB & SB. The Air battle location is 131km x 131km.

Game Description

Historical Background

See the Sinai map article for historical information.

Notable Landmarks

Map configuration

There are three capture points. Point A is in the eastern town, B is in the middle of the map, and C is in the open desert in the west.

The Domination configuration

There are three configurations of the Conquest mode, each with one capture point. The point will be in the position of one of the Domination capture points.

The Conquest #1 configuration.
The Conquest #2 configuration.
The Conquest #3 configuration.

There are two capture points, each belonging to a team. The points are located centre north and centre south of the map.

The Battle configuration.



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