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Important: Information

All previous rules as stated in “War Thunder: Rules” will be followed: The War Thunder: Wikipedia is an official resource. This will be the law of the land, these will be followed.

Any issues as stated in “Who is who and reporting procedure” Please contact any wiki editor and if they are unable to resolve your request or you have an issue with them you may escalate the appeal to a wiki senior as stated in chapter “5.11”. For any questions regarding the rules, or for more clarity please contact the wiki team.

How to contact the wiki team

The wikipedia team, can be found under “Who is who and reporting procedure” as well as on the forums under the wikipedia section.
Who is who and reporting-procedure
War Thunder: Rules

The Wikipedia Rules

5.1 Plagiarism

Do Not plagiarise, information I.e. no copy and pasting of information from other sources. Do not copy straight from the wikipedia (also known as “Wiki-Pasta”).

5.2 Vandalism

Deleting content/entire pages and/or sections because you feel like it and/or for personal gain.

5.3 Uploading/Submitting media

Do not upload: Selfies, Memes, Copyrighted material i.e.Derivative works, Images, prints, fine art, photography. Or anything else which is forbidden in the forum rules.

  • What cannot be Uploaded/Submitted
    • Selfies
    • Memes
    • Copyrighted Works
    • Duplicates
    • Altered statistics data
    • Data meant to disprove in-game statistics (Take this to the forums)
    • Other offensive works
  • What can be Uploaded/Submitted
    • Public Domain/Creative Common Files with appropriate credits - please do your best to fill the metadata out
    • Ingame screenshots, which were created by you. Please do not take some random individual screenshot/artwork from or from other sources without consent from the creator.
    • War Thunder Wallpaper

5.4 Providing/Inserting False and/or gibberish Information

Inserting false/deceiving or just plain unhelpful information on vehicle page is not acceptable.

Example: Russian Bias or any Bias statement will be classed with a verbal warning - since the information is false. We are sorry to say this, there is no Bias for any-nation.

  • If any edit contains “x Bias” and/or some other statement i.e “Pay to Win”, “Learn to play” etc these are not accurate. The entire edit will be undone, and will result in an offense.

5.5 Intimidation/Harassment/Abuse/Bullying/Threats/Racism

We’re better people, even online. Do not bully, intimidate, harass anyone.

This will be investigated and handled on a case by case basis, punishments will be appropriate and swift.

5.6 Abusing/Creating Multiple Accounts

Using/Creating multiple accounts is against the rule. We will permanently block any additional accounts you made except one to enforce this.

5.7 Linking

Do not link to videos, Gifs, Websites, Images, prints, fine/digital art, photography etc: which contain swearing, inappropriate, offensive, abusive or anything else which is forbidden in the forum rules.

5.8 Adding and/or creating vehicles

Do not create vehicle pages which are not in the current version of game.

  • Only War Thunder vehicles, which are in the current game version (i.e. vehicles which have been confirmed in a change-log and/or a update) are allowed on the wiki.
  • Vehicles, which are on any dev-test server, are not allowed on wikipedia until officially released.
  • Please do not use videos which have been created by other institutions. However, videos created by museums and those that are not sponsored by any institutions are acceptable.

5.9 Unacceptable Usernames

Offensive usernames that incite harassment or hate are not acceptable. Either change your username or be blocked from editing on the wiki.

  • The username does not have to be same as your main account name. However, we would prefer that you use the same ingame nickname.
  • Any names, which are in violation of the following sections: 1.2. Including 2.1 from the “War Thunder Rules”

5.10 User Page

Everyone who has an account on the war thunder wikipedia, has a user page. This can be created by you. You are free to do what you want with it, However any abuse or rule breaking material posted upon it will have your page deleted as well as the appropriate punishment(s) will be recorded against your wikipedia account.

5.11 Appeals and other issues

As highlighted in the “War Thunder rules” and “who is who and reporting-procedure”. You have a right to appeal any punishment/ban which you have been given. To do this: Please contact any wiki editor to discuss your punishment, if you are still not happy you may ask to escalate the appeal to a wiki senior.

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How to use: Select a moderator from the list above, click the moderator forum profile link. It will take you to their profile, where you will be able to send them a message by clicking the "message" button.