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This page is about the Soviet air-to-air missile R-13M. For the other version, see R-13M1.


The R-13M missile (scale is approximate)

The R-13M is a Soviet infrared homing air-to-air missile, it was introduced in Update 1.87 "Locked On". It was removed from its only user, the MiG-19PT, in Update 1.95 "Northern Wind", but was re-introduced in Update "New Power" with the MiG-21bis. It was later removed again in Update "Red Skies", and re-introduced in Update "Ground Breaking" with the ◊MiG-21 SPS-K.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

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General info

Missile characteristics
Mass 87 kg
Guidance IR
Aspect Rear-aspect
Lock range (rear-aspect) 5.5 km
Launch range 16 km
Maximum speed 2.4 M
Maximum overload 15 G
Maximum overload during launch 3.7 G
Missile guidance time 54 secs
Explosive mass 5.5 kg TNTe

Effective damage

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Comparison with analogues

As in real life, the R-13M is broadly comparable to the AIM-9D and AIM-9G Sidewinders, with only slightly lower G-tolerance and maximum range. Players who exclusively used the R-60 will be disappointed with the R-13M's lacklustre capabilities in short-range combat.

Usage in battles

The R-13M should not be used against tightly-manoeuvring targets. Instead, use them against fleeing enemies from 2-3 km away. This makes use of the R-13M's greater maximum range over the R-60; if the enemy turns, they may come into R-60 range. If they don't, the missile will likely catch them.

Pros and cons


  • Higher maximum G-load than the R-3S and R-3R
  • Longer maximum range than the R-60
  • High rocket motor thrust means the missile reaches its top speed quickly
  • Effective warhead
  • Uncaged seeker allows target leading


  • Ineffective in close-combat situations
  • Lacks radar-slaving
  • Easily distracted by flares


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