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Rank 4 USA
USS Helena Pack
Pr. 1204 late
Research:36 000 Specs-Card-Exp.png
Purchase:140 000 Specs-Card-Lion.png
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The Pr. 1204 late modification is a rank III Soviet armoured gun boat with a battle rating of 2.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced during Update 1.79 "Project X" when the Soviet fleet was implemented into the game. It bears strong resemblance to the Pr.1124 (1940), and inherits its main gun and its tactics.

General info

Survivability and armour

The turret is the most heavily armored section of the ship with 15 mm of RHA, meaning that it cannot be knocked out by HE shells under 100mm in caliber. In addition, the Bridge and Automatic Grenade Launchers are protected by thin layer of hardened armor, making them more resistant against low-caliber HE. However, this armor is insufficient to stop large-caliber autocannon fire or armor-piercing machine gun rounds.

In addition, there is an armored compartment protecting the engine. This gives some resistance against engine knockouts, which will help the stock grind (before FPE).


The ship has a moderate top speed both forward and reverse, meaning that you will never be the first to capture points. Your stopping time is also somewhat poor, and so to turn round it would be better to do a U-turn in most cases. However, your rudder speed is good, and gets much better with the modification installed, so avoiding torpedoes is not an issue for the Pr. 1204.


Primary armament

Main article: D-56TS (76 mm)

The primary armament is roughly the same as the Pr. 1124, and offers no new shell types. It is conveniently mounted on the bow of the boat, with a blind spot directly behind the boat. Being moderately armoured, it is rarely knocked out. HE shells are sufficient against most boats, but it is sensible to carry some of the APHE as well for larger boats such as the Flower, Isles and any destroyers in an up-tier.

Secondary armament

Main article: 2M-3 (25 mm)

Overall, this armament should generally only be used against aircraft. It is sufficient for dealing with one aircraft at a time, as its rate of fire and damage per shot are good. Having only one turret however leaves it vulnerable to attacks by two or more aircraft, or having the gun knocked out. It is highly capable against boats, but should be used with caution, as this leaves you vulnerable to aircraft.

Anti-aircraft armament

Main article: BP "Plamya" (30 mm)

The "anti-air" armament of 4 x 30 mm grenade launchers is largely ineffective at ranges of over 1 km. It is useful, however, in close quarters fighting (though not recommended), or for fending off patrol boats that get too close, something that is very challenging with only the main gun. This is a major improvement over the Pr. 1124, which had to use its 12.7 mm machine guns for this, leaving it vulnerable from the air.

Special armament

Main articles: BM-14-17, YAM-43 mine

Like prior Soviet river boats, there is an option to mount a Katyusha rocket launcher on the back. This can be effective against large or static targets, making up for the lack of torpedoes.

Usage in battles

The Pr. 1204 late is very similar in playstyle to the Pr.1124 (1940), which you will have played before this boat. Remaining at long range is still important due to your high repair cost and thin armour, however more ships have guns capable of engaging at range at the higher BR. You have better defence against fast and evasive enemies and air power thanks to your 25 mm AA gun and the 30 mm grenade launchers, but these can be easily overwhelmed by large numbers of enemies. You are also still relatively flammable, and going into close-quarters battle is not recommended.


Tier Seakeeping Unsinkability Firepower
I Dry-Docking Tool Set 25 mm HE magazines Anti-Air Armament Targeting
II Rudder Replacement Fire Protection System Smokescreen 25 mm AP magazines Auxiliary Armament Targeting 53-BR-354
III Propeller Replacement Rocket Launcher Primary Armament Targeting Improved Rangefinder
IV Engine Maintenance New Pumps Mines

Pros and cons


  • Has a 30 mm grenade launcher weapon for defence in close quarter battles
  • Effective AA turret
  • Powerful main gun
  • Rocket launcher highly effective on a hit
  • Moderate armour protects well against small arms fire
  • Good turn rate to avoid torpedoes


  • 30 mm grenade launcher has short range
  • Only one AA turret easily overwhelmed
  • Only one main gun, unlike Pr. 1124.
  • Rocket launcher is very difficult to hit with (similar to MO-4)
  • Armour is insufficient against 20 mm auto cannons present on many boats at this BR.
  • Low top speed


The Pr.1204 (Or Shmel) class of river boats were developed in the mid 1960's as a successor to the USSR's aging fleet of WWII era river boats. 118 Shmel class river boats were built between 1967 and 1974. The boats were designed specifically to operate in shallow waters, such as rivers or littoral waters. The Shmel class was designed to support operations in rivers or shallow water conditions such as denying waterway passages, protecting harbors supporting troop movements, as well as providing fire support form ship to shore scenarios. As of 2017, several are still in service with the Russian Navy, with at least 4 assigned to the Caspian fleet.[1]


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