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P-51 may refer to:

Rank II - Aircraft

Rank III - Aircraft

  • Mustang Mk IA - (The first 93 P-51s supplied to Great Britain through lend-lease were NA-83s designated Mustang Mk.IA)
  • P-51 Mustang

Rank IV - Aircraft

P-51 nomenclature

  • P-51 variants P-51 (no suffix), A, and Mustang Mk I and II were the original Allison engined versions. These aircraft were originally named "Invader" by the USAAF, but soon changed to "Mustang" for consistency with the RAF version.
  • A-36 was the ground-attack version of the P-51A. It featured dive brakes on the upper and lower surfaces of the wings. Its official name was "Apache", but was often referred to as "Invader" or "Mustang".
  • P-51B, C, and Mustang Mk III featured a license-built British Merlin engine. The B and C models were identical, the only difference being the place of manufacture. The aircraft were originally designated P-78.
  • P-51D, K, and Mustang Mk IV were the definitive bubbletop variants. The D and K differed only in the use of propeller.
  • XP-51F, G, J and P-51H, L, and M were lightweight versions. Most were powered by Merlin engines, but the J was powered by an Allison. Only the H was mass produced, but was too late to see combat in WWII. The L and M were canceled after the war with only a single M produced.
  • P-51s modified for photo-reconnaissance were redesignated F-6.
  • P-51s still in service in 1947 were redesignated F-51s. This change was due to the Air Force breaking off from the Army.
  • Some F-51Ds were modified as two-seat trainers. These are known as TF-51Ds.
  • After the war, Trans Florida Aviation (later Cavalier Aircraft Corporation) bought surplus P-51s and modified them into executive business aircraft. These were known as Cavalier Mustangs, many of which survive today but have been restored back into P-51s.
  • XP-82, P-82B, C, and D were basically two P-51Hs joined at the wing and counter-rotating propellers. The P-82 (later F-82) was known as the "Twin Mustang".
  • XP-82A, F-82E, F, G, and H were powered by Allison engines as the Merlin was no longer produced in the US.
  • PA-48 "Enforcer" was a heavily modified Cavalier Mustang with a turboprop engine. It was originally designated Cavalier Turbo Mustang III before it was sold to Piper Aircraft. It failed to receive a USAF contract, and only four aircraft were produced, ending Mustang production.