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October 31th, 1943. Soviet forces are preparing the largest landing operation on the Eastern Front with the aim of liberating the city and port of Kerch, the port of Kamysh-Burun and creating a bridgehead for the further liberation of the Crimean Peninsula from German invaders.[1]

Scenario tasks

Victory will be awarded to the team that first fulfills at least one of the tasks in the scenario within the allotted time. Victory will not be awarded for additional tasks.

USSR Germany
  • Capture sector F3 within 2 hours.
  • Capture at least 78% of the sectors within 2 hours.
  • Prevent the enemy from achieving vehicular superiority, being 2.5 times the amount of vehicles on your team.
  • Hold sector F3 for 2 hours.
  • Hold at least 23% of the sectors for 2 hours.
  • Gain vehicular superiority by having 2.5 times the number of vehicles over the enemy.

Participating vehicles

USSR Germany
Ground vehicles Aviation Fleet Ground vehicles Aviation Fleet

Light tank:


Medium tank:

Heavy tank:




Bomber :

Torpedo boat:


Light tank:


Medium tank:



Strike fighter:

Diving bomber:



Artillery barge:

★ — default group vehicle which you can always put into the vehicle slot.

Initial balance of power

World War - The Kerch–Eltigen Operation (Initial balance of power).png


  1. This scenario first appeared in the “Attack from the Sea” season.