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Italian Fleet
P 420 Sparviero Pack
Yugumo class, Kiyoshimo (1944)
General characteristics
228 peopleCrew
2560 tDisplacement
7Number of section
3 / 3 / 3 mmMain fire tower armor
16 mm (steel)Hull armor
4 mm (steel)Superstructure armor
Primary armament
2 x 127 mm Type 3 gun3 x Turret
300 roundsAmmunition
-7° / 75°Vertical guidance
Secondary armament
25 mm/60 Type 96 automatic cannon14 x Turret
1500 roundsAmmunition
15 roundsBelt capacity
261 shots/minFire rate
3 x 25 mm/60 Type 96 automatic cannon4 x Turret
4500 roundsAmmunition
15 roundsBelt capacity
261 shots/minFire rate
2 x 25 mm/60 Type 96 automatic cannonTurret
3000 roundsAmmunition
15 roundsBelt capacity
261 shots/minFire rate
Anti-aircraft armament
13.2 mm Type 93 machine gun4 x Turret
1800 roundsAmmunition
30 roundsBelt capacity
476 shots/minFire rate
Additional armament
16 x 610 mm Type 93 Model 3 torpedoSetup 1
8 x Type 95 depth chargeSetup 2
16 x 610 mm Type 93 Model 3 torpedo
8 x Type 95 depth charge
Setup 3
Sl icon.png0/2100/2900Repair
10000 Sl icon.pngCrew training
310000 Sl icon.pngExperts
700 Ge icon.pngAces
154 × 2 Talisman.png % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
50 × 2 Talisman.png % Sl icon.png120 × 2 Talisman.png % Sl icon.png110 × 2 Talisman.png % Sl icon.png


GarageImage IJN Kiyoshimo.jpg

The Yugumo class, Kiyoshimo (1944) is a premium rank III Japanese destroyer with a battle rating of 4.3 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.89 "Imperial Navy".

General info

Survivability and armour

Talk about the vehicle's armour. Note the most well-defended and most vulnerable zones, e.g. the ammo magazine. Evaluate the composition of components and assemblies responsible for movement and manoeuvrability. Evaluate the survivability of the primary and secondary armament separately. Don't forget to mention the size of the crew, which plays an important role in fleet mechanics. Save tips for preserving survivability in the "Use in battle" section.

If necessary, use a graphics template to show the most well-protected or most vulnerable points in the armour.


Write about the ship’s mobility. Evaluate its power and manoeuvrability, rudder rerouting speed, stopping speed at full tilt, with its maximum forward speed and reverse speed.


Primary armament

Main article: Type 3 (127 mm)

The Kiyoshimo has six 127 mm dual purpose guns that have a high velocity and flat trajectory that enables you to easily hit targets at 10 km. With an Ace crew, you can reduce the reload rate to ~6 Seconds, which enables you to win long ranged gunfights. If the Kiyoshimo is caught at close range, it is suggested to take out the enemies turrets and go for crew as these guns lack any type of AP shells.

Secondary armament

Main article: Type 96 (25 mm)

The Kiyoshimo is armed with twenty-four 25mm anti-aircraft guns as its only other AA other than its main guns. These are effective at close range as they can throw alot of shells into the air, but it is recommended to stay near allied ships for air cover as the range of these guns is short.

Torpedo armament

Main article: Type 93

The Kiyoshimo's torpedoes are the special Type 93 Mod 3 torpedoes, Only found on the Akizuki. It has reduced range of 15 km compared to the standard 20km Type 93 mod 1s found on other Japanese ships. While not gaining any speed advantage, though what it gains is a even large warhead. ~1000kg of TNT instead of ~600. These torpedoes have a tendency to oneshot anything they hit. These are especially useful in naval EC.

Special armament

Main article: Type 95 depth charge

Depth charges, mines, rocket launchers and missiles are also effective in skilled hands and can take an off-guard opponent by surprise. Evaluate the ammunition of this type of armament and rate its performance in combat.

Usage in battles

Describe the technique of using this ship, the characteristics of her use in a team and tips on strategy. Abstain from writing an entire guide – don’t try to provide a single point of view, but give the reader food for thought. Talk about the most dangerous opponents for this vehicle and provide recommendations on fighting them. If necessary, note the specifics of playing with this vehicle in various modes (AB, RB, SB).


Tier Seakeeping Unsinkability Firepower
I Dry-Docking Tool Set 25 mm APT belt
II Rudder Replacement Fire Protection System Smokescreen 25 mm HEIT belts Auxiliary Armament Targeting 127 mm Type 1 HE
III Propeller Replacement Shrapnel Protection Ventilation Improved Rangefinder Primary Armament Targeting
IV Engine Maintenance New Pumps Ammo Wetting Bomb mortar
  • As a premium ship, the IJN Kiyoshimo's modifications are automatically unlocked upon purchase of the ship.

Pros and cons


  • Good top speed
  • Good maneuverability
  • 2 quad torpedo launchers with one reload each
  • Very deadly torpedoes
  • 127 mm guns have good ballistics


  • Slow turret traverse
  • Turrets tend to be taken out often
  • 25mm AA only effective at close range
  • 127 mm guns have no AP (Only HE and HE-DF)


Describe the history of the creation and combat usage of the ship in more detail than in the introduction. If the historical reference turns out to be too long, take it to a separate article, taking a link to the article about the vehicle and adding a block "/ History" (example: https://wiki.warthunder.com/(Vehicle-name)/History) and add a link to it here using the main template. Be sure to reference text and sources by using <ref>, as well as adding them at the end of the article.


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See also

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