Hispano Mk.V (20 mm)

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Commonly used in british airplanes and some us planes as well.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

Vehicles equipped with this weapon
Fighters  Blackburn: Firebrand TF Mk IV
  Fairey: Firefly FR Mk V
  Hawker: Sea Fury FB 11 · Tempest Mk V · ▀Tempest Mk V · Tempest Mk II
  Supermarine: Seafire F Mk XVII · Seafire FR 47
  Westland: Wyvern S4
Twin-engine fighters  Hornet Mk.III
Jet fighters  de Havilland: Vampire FB 5 · Venom FB.4 · Sea Venom FAW 20
  Gloster: Meteor F Mk 3 · Sea Meteor F Mk 3 · Meteor F Mk 4 G.41F · Meteor F Mk 4 G.41G · Meteor F Mk 8 G.41K · Meteor F Mk.8 Reaper
  Hawker: Sea Hawk FGA.6 · Sea Hawk Mk.100
  Supermarine: Attacker FB 1
Bombers  Brigand B 1 · Lincoln B Mk II
Jet bombers  Canberra B (I) Mk 6

General info

Further devlopment of the hispano cannon by the british.

Available shells

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Comparison with analogues

Hispano Mk.I (20 mm)

Hispano Mk.II (20 mm)

Hispano HS.9 (20 mm)

Hispano 404 (20 mm)

MG 151/20 (20 mm)

FlaK 38 (20 mm)

Usage in battles

Sligthly lower velocity than its bretherine hispano cannons it may throw off aim somewhat. It has a good high explosive filler and a fast rate of fire allowing for strafing.

Pros and cons

Summarize and briefly evaluate the weaponry in terms of its characteristics and combat effectiveness. Mark pros and cons as a list.


  • High rate of fire
  • Large explosive filler


  • Lower muzzle velocity than its predececor hispano cannons may throw you off in aiming.


Devloped by the british from the hispano cannon serries it featured a higher rate of fire whilst being ligther shorter. Homewer it had a lower muzzle velocity and required manual cocking.


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Britain aircraft cannons
20 mm  Hispano Mk.I · Hispano Mk.II · Hispano Mk.V · Oerlicon KAD-B
30 mm  ADEN
40 mm  Vickers S
47 mm  Vickers P
57 mm  Molins Class M
20 mm  Hispano 404 (France) · M61 (USA)

Germany aircraft cannons
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20 mm  MG 151 · MG C/30L · MG FF · MG FF/M
30 mm  MK 101 · MK 103 · MK 108
37 mm  BK 3,7
50 mm  BK 5 · Mk.214a
75 mm  BK 7,5
20 mm  Hispano Mk.V (Britain) · ShVAK (USSR)
23 mm  GSh-23-2 (USSR) · NR-23 (USSR) · VYa-23 (USSR)
30 mm  GSh-30-2K (USSR) · NR-30 (USSR)
37 mm  N-37D (USSR)