G-5 (ShVAK)

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Rank 4 USA
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G-5 (ShVAK)
G-5 (ShVAK)
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The G-5 Type (ShVAK) is a premium rank I Soviet motor torpedo boat with a battle rating of 1.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.83 "Masters of the Sea" as part of the fleet release into open beta test. This is a nice modification to the reserve one. The 20 mm cannon has good fire rate and good penetration

General info

Survivability and armour

Profile shot of the G-5. The two engines sit at the bow and ammunition storage is tucked behind the bridge where the turret is.

The G-5 ShVAK has no armour in its overall design, to the point where the only armour is the armoured glass, which provides 5mm of protection! located on the windows of the bridge. As such, any small arms armament can penetrate and destroy, critical modules and knock out crew members. The G-5 carries a crew complement of six, which are all located around the conning tower of the ship. Meaning any well placed shots with high explosive rounds or concentration of fire on this area, can see all the crew members knocked out and the ship destroyed!


In arcade battles the ship can reach it's top speed of 132 KM/H within 14.9 seconds and in realistic & simulator it can reach up to 94 KM/H within 14.3 Seconds. The Reverse speeds can reach up to an impressive 62 KM/H! It's small size, combined with it's very fast speed, manoeuvrability creates a highly agile ship.


Primary armament

Main article: ShVAK (20 mm)

The ShVAK 20mm cannon is a truly menacing tool, it provides great destructive capabilities over to enemy vehicles. Weather it be Air or Naval targets, which are met in battle. The cannon is placed the rear of the conning tower, it proves overall great defensive and offensive capabilities for the ship. However, it is important to note: That the ShVAK is unable to provide any stopping power when enemy ships are in-front of it due to the ship commander is placed in front, along with the ship radio mask which prevents the cannon being unable to be lowered.

1x ShVAK (20 mm)

  • It takes between 5.85 and 4.5 Seconds to reload this in game - 4.5 second time is achieved with a fully qualified & upgraded crew.

The ShVAK 20mm cannon has three choices of ammunition:

  • Universal
  • HE High Explosive
  • AP Armour Piercing

Each ammunition, has a unique belt that defines how the rounds are loaded into the gun.

Torpedo armament

Main article: 53-38 (533 mm)

The G-5 ShaVAK has two 53-38 torpedoes, placed in the rear of the ship. When the these are launched from the ship, they are ejected backwards into the water and then submerse under the ship. These torpedoes, are able to take down any ship in the game with well placed & calculated shots.

Usage in battles

The G-5 ShVAK is a fast and maneuverable ship, with speeds up to 122 KM/H in Arcade and 94 KM/H in Realistic & Simulator Battles. A G-5 ShVAK also offers excellent maneuverability at high speeds compared to its competitors, such as the PT, LS, and others. Additionally, the G-5 ShVAK is armed with a 20mm cannon; not all rivals have cannons or machine guns. A G-5 ShVAK is one of the fastest vessels in the game, almost twice as fast as other vessels similar in its class.

As such, it is best utilized to capture points early, providing cover to allies with a smokescreen, and sneaking around enemies and ambushing them with hit-and-run tactics with it's slightly faster and accurate torpedoes.

When playing the G-5 ShVAK in arcade battles, it is crucial to be aware of your teammates - since most vessels travel at high speed, it is not impossible for your teammates to accidentally collide into you. When this happens, the G-5 is a small and lightweight vessel, and when they clash in the heat of battle, they can flip you over, and you drown.

In battle, whether it is arcade realistic or simulator: The G-5 ShVAK can be compared to a piranha; it's a small size, high agility, resilience, and very fast, making it unstoppable in the hands of a skilled player. When engaging enemy ships, turn the G-5 into them, keeping G-5 profile, very small, and hard to hit. Using the tremendous high speed and maneuverability offered, bring the ship alongside and blast them with the ShVAK 20mm cannon.

It is essential to make every shot count, do not aim for open spaces, aim for areas such as the bridge and engine room where the rounds from the G-5 will be able to cause a lot of damage to critical parts and knocking out sailors on the enemy vessel.

Using the G-5 torpedoes, are more suited to bigger, slower, and less maneuverable ships such as the following the class of ships: BMO165 ft PC-451, SF40 LeichteIsles classType K-3/No.1 Class and other types which are similar to these. However, it is not impossible to use the torpedoes on smaller targets. 

The G-5 is one of the fastest vessels in the game, almost twice as fast as other vessels similar in its class. As such, it is best utilized to capture points early, providing cover to allies with a smokescreen, and sneaking around enemies and ambushing them with hit-and-run tactics with it's slightly faster and accurate torpedoes.


Tier Seakeeping Unsinkability Firepower
I Dry-Docking Tool Set 12.7 mm HEI belts
II Rudder Replacement Fire Protection System Smokescreen 12.7 mm APIT belts
III Propeller Replacement Primary Armament Targeting
IV Engine Maintenance New Pumps Artillery Support Torpedo Mode

Pros and cons


  • Great top speed
  • Great maneuverability
  • 20 mm ShVAK cannon packs a more powerful punch than the DShK machine gun
  • As with all PT boats, wields powerful torpedoes
  • Torpedoes are stored internally, making it difficult to spot a launch
  • Long range torpedoes (10 km)


  • No armor
  • Low ammunition capacity for the ShVAK; can run out of ammo quickly if not properly handled.
  • Inadequate gun elevation and transverse


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  • G-5 (ShVAK) featured in an in-game art.

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