Flak.37 (88 mm)

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Built as an anti high altitude bomber weapon meaning this gun has both a high velocity as a good amount of high explosives.

overall its a good gun with good trajectory.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

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Usage in battles

Relatively flat trajectoried gun with a good penetration for its tier, with no outstanding weaknesses, besides bouncing off t34 front glacis.

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  • Flat trajectory
  • Good amount of high explosives


  • Slow reload
  • Bounces easily


predesessor to the flak 36 which was a predesessor to the flak 18, the flak 37 stands in the 88 flak lineage of germany.

it would be known for its great anti armor capabilities, knocking out behemoths that the existing german towed guns couldnt knock out such as the French B1 and the soviet kv1.

it would gather a fearsome reputation and would be exadurated in repports as 10,5mm and 150mm shelling was mistaken as 88 shelling.

A gun of its kind; the KwK36 (88 mm) would be used to arm the tiger tank.


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