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Fairmile A (ML100)
Fairmile A (ML100)
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The Fairmile A (ML100) is a rank I British motor gun boat with a battle rating of 1.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.83 "Masters of the Sea" along with the British fleet.

General info

Survivability and armour

The Fairmile A has little to no armour, therefore a few good shots to the engine and ammo rack will make quick work of the Fairmile A. The Fairmile A has a crew of 14, which is small compared to the Soviet OD-200 and the German R-boot R-41. In terms of survivability, it is best to stay at a distance of about 1.40km from the enemy, so you're just out of reach. But you don't want to be too far otherwise you won't be able to hit the target with the 3 pdr armament.


The Fairmile A has a top speed of around 37 km/h. It is fairly slow at turning. Since the Fairmile A has a low top speed, it is hard to catch up to the more agile motor torpedo boats, but you should be able to catch up to similar ships such as the Soviet OD-200.


Primary armament

The primary Gun is a 3 pdr QF Hotchkiss cannon. It is very slow at reloading and has a slow firing rate. It cannot fire towards the front of the ship, only from the sides or rear of the ship due to its positioning. However, the 3 pdr is capable of taking out motor torpedo boats and other ships. The 3 pdr has a high explosive (HE) shell, of which a single shot can destroy a motor torpedo boat at close range if you aim for the engine or ammo rack.

Secondary armament

Main article: Lewis (7.7 mm)

In addition to the 3 pdr QF Hotchkiss cannon, the Fairmile A (ML100) has three turrets with dual-mount 7.72mm Lewis machine guns. They are capable to destroy lightly armoured motor torpedo boats and enemy planes.

Special armament

Main article: Mk.VII depth charge

12 x Mk.VII depth charge

Usage in the battles

The best way to use this ship is to take out other slow-moving ships with the 3 pdr gun. The main gun fires very slowly and is slow to reload, so its best to switch to the Lewis guns scattered around the ship to take out any approaching boats. Watch out for other motor torpedo boats that are approaching, as this boat is a bit slow so they will hit you with torpedoes if you don't shoot first.

Pros and cons


  • Good 3pdr gun
  • Three turrets of dual-mounted Lewis guns
  • Access to 12 depth chargers


  • 3 pdr gun is slow to fire and reload
  • 3 pdr shells have slow velocity
  • Boat is a bit slow


The Fairmile A was a series of 12 ships designed prior to the start of WWII, with the British Admiralty purchasing all 12 at the start of hostilities. Intended to serve as a light coastal patrol craft the had a unique modular design that could be manufactured by light industry prior to final assembly at a second line port, such as the ones that fabricated pleasure craft.

The ships were originally intended for coastal escort duties, being rigged with sonar and depth charges. However, as the war progressed and due to the lightweight design of the Fairmile A, the ships would see selective service restricted to British coastal waters much more so than the later variations of the same vessel.


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