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The DP machine gun is a Soviet light machine gun chambered in 7.62x54mmR cartridges. It is distinguished by using a "pan-shaped" magazine that feeds the machine gun from the top. It was the general infantry machine gun used during World War II, but was also used in different manners in different variants such as the DA for aircraft mounts and DT for armoured fighting vehicle mounts.

History and development

Development and variants

The machine gun was designed by Vasily Degtaryov, who took the design from the earlier DP-26 machine gun. The gun was named the DP-28 and it was a very simple weapon to use. With less than 80 parts used to manufacture it, it also proved very reliable against the elements. The machine gun's main drawbacks were the weak bipod construction and the small magazine capacity of 47 rounds that restricts its ability for continuous firing. For mounting on armor vehicles, the DP-28 machine gun was modified into the DT machine gun, which had a simpler skeleton stock and a modified barrel for mounting in the coaxial and front hull of tanks such as the T-34.

The DT machine gun off of its mounts.

Ground use

The Soviets were the main users of the machine gun. The troops receiving the weapon praise and denounce it. It was an effective light support weapon and affectionately nicknamed the "record player" for the magazine shape and its rotating loading mechanism. The biggest complaint of the gun was the weak bipod, which tends to break very often in battlefield conditions. Finnish and German also use the DP machine gun whenever they were captured. The Chinese Nationalists also received a large number of DP machine guns for the war against Japan and in their ongoing Civil War. After World War II, the Chinese continued to use the DP machine guns in Korea in the Korean War, producing their own copy variant known as the Type 53. Today, it has mostly fallen to disuse, but some are still found in modern battlefields as recently as 2014.

In War Thunder

In-game, using standard ammunition belts, the DP/DT/DA leaves a white tracer every other bullet.


The only example of a DP machine gun on an aircraft in War Thunder is in the defensive turrets of the TB-3M-17-32. Even though it has 8 DA machine guns in turrets, it is not the most effective defensive gun setup of its tier. The anti-aircraft capabilities are not very good, and there is a relatively low amount of ammunition per gun.

Ground forces

The DP machine gun exists as the DT machine gun on the many tanks in USSR service. Every single Soviet ground vehicle with a machine gun with the exception of postwar vehicles will have the DT machine gun as their secondary armament. Like machine guns in other nation's service, it tends to not do much against all but the very lightly armored or exposed vehicles and will only be able to cause damage by directly attacking the crew. It also has quite a low ammo capacity meaning that its use against aircraft is limited. You will have to reload often making it awkward to use. This combined with the lack of stopping power makes it one of the least effective tank based machine guns.