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How to install the Dev server

Watch the Official Project News section of the forum for information on Dev Server opening windows.

IMPORTANT: The Dev Server is only open during certain times, please check the forum news for recent announcements. Any progress or unlocks you make on the Dev server will not be reflected back to the live server - It is purely a test environment. This also applies to any Golden Eagles Ge icon.png, Silver Lions Sl icon.png or Research Points Rp icon.png spending on the Dev server - it will not be subtracted from your live server account!

  1. Download the Dev Server launcher.
  2. Install like a regular War Thunder copy in its own folder.

Alternative method (Linux/Mac OS)

  1. (Optional) Make a backup of your game
  2. Create empty file at Warthunder root directory named "matchingdevmode"
  3. Edit config.blk to contain inside "yunetwork" section
    • curCircuit:t="dev"
    • isExpertMode:b=yes


 Q. When I launch the Dev Server, it tells me the game hasn't been activated for my account. Why?
 A. The Dev Server is not open at all times. It will only be accessible during certain test windows, which are announced in the forum news section.
 Please check there first to see if the dev server is open.
 Q. Will any progress or purchases I make on the dev server with RP, Silver Lions or Golden Eagles carry over to the production server?
 A. No, all progress and purchases on the dev sever will not affect your account on the main servers. It is a test environment only.

Still having technical issues? Please contact any Technical Moderator!

You can find the technical moderators on the forums or by clicking this link which takes you right to them, just send a message to them explaining the issue with this.

Important: Bug reports about vehicles, items & other issues for the DEV server

Please use the forums, under the relevant development (Dev) server, you will see a thread which has the type of issues categorised please select the relevant one and follow the instructions on how to do a bug report.