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FIXME : does exist anymore ?

Editing text localizations in supported languages

To start working on localizations, you need to register at and enter the project Text localizations of the game are saved in CSV format (Comma Separated Values), where columns are separated by ; and text is enclosed in "" and kept in UTF-8 coding Files of this format are opened with many programs, we recommend use of Open Office Calc. If the encoding is not properly set, the game WILL throw an error at start !

How to check localizations in-game by yourself

Open the file config.blk in the game folder with Notepad++, find there the block debug{ and insert testLocalization:b=yes like this:


In the lang folder, the game will create all the localizations - *.csv files and a list of files and languages localization.blk Replace the localizations in the lang folder with yours or replace any string with those you want to test WARNING: adding the line into config.blk file may lead to bugs within the game with current localization. Don't forget to remove it after you done!

Adding a new language

If you need to add and check a new language in the game: In the lang folder, open the file localization.blk with Notepad++ Find the block text_translation{ and insert the new language lang:t="Newlanguage"


Open the file config.blk with Notepad++ and change the string




Then launch aces.exe (Attention! You shouldn't launch the game via launcher, as it would overwrite the selected language) Attention! All .csv files should contain a column with correct title (NewLanguage)

Dub localizations

Unfortunately, the possibility of adding or changing voice-over translation is not applicable at the moment. The only that can be added or modified by yourself is video translation of historical campaigns. For this purpose (you need the historical campaigns pack): Video dub files are placed in Theora OGG format, and they can be opened with the majority of players and editors. In order to make your own video dub, you need to create the files <chapter_name>.<language>.ogg by analogy with the existing files for example, honolulu.portuguese.ogg You should create these files for all chapters of the campaigns. Then, in order to check the voice-overs, find the block video_translation{ in the file localization.blk and insert lang:t="NewLanguage"


then open config.blk and insert the desired language into the string


And then launch the aces.exe directly, without checking the files and launching the game via the launcher.