Crew lock

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Crew lock is a game mechanic that applies to all game modes.

How "Crew lock" occurs

For all game modes:


  1. all accessible vehicles are lost in a match due to crashing or being destroyed, as indicated by the kill feed in the bottom right corner,
  2. OR the player leaves the game pre-emptively (i.e. bails the challenge)

then crew lock is applied to the current nation's roster/line-up.

Crew lock runs for seven minutes, starting from the beginning of the match. So if the above statements happen past seven minutes into the match, then the crew lock does NOT apply.

Ground Forces RB

If the player dies within the first 7 minutes but leaves the battle while being able to respawn, crew lock applies on all vehicles in the line up that were not used and destroyed during the battle.

What it does

  • A counter at the bottom above the line-up/roster bar will appear, displaying the remaining time until the locked vehicle slots can be used.
  • The timer's starting time is the previous match and will then run for seven minutes. Played time from the last match will be deducted.
  • Crews cannot be switched, indicated by a red tainted vehicle slot at the bottom.
  • All vehicles NOT used in the previous match can still be played for the next one.