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Map sizes

Source from this Forum post, a resource if we want to expand on Map page. European Maps: Norway: 200x200 =40,000km^2 Moscow: 200x200 =40,000km^2 Mozdok: 160x160 = 25,600km^2 Kursk: 120x120 =14,400km^2 Malta: 100x100 =10,000km^2 Sicily: 100x100 =10,000km^2 Bulge: 80x80 =6,400km^2 Adv. to Rhine 80x80 =6,400km^2 Hurtgen Forest 80x80 =6,400km^2 Ruhr 80x80 =6,400km^2 Berlin 80x80 =6,400km^2 Stalingrad 80x80 =6,400km^2 Korsun 80x80 =6,400km^2 Krymsk 80x80 =6,400km^2 Britain 80x80 =6,400km^2 Normandy 60x60 =3,600km^2 Snowy Valley 60x60 =3,600km^2

Shared areas Hurt/Avd. R 40x40 =1,600km^2 Avd. R/Ruhr 20x60 =1,200km^2