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Maps missions.jpg

Ground Forces Maps

General Ground Forces Maps

Factory TSS.jpg Rhine map.jpg Ash TSS.jpg Ardennes TSS.jpg Hurtgen TSS.jpg
Berlin TSS.jpg Carpathians TSS.jpg East TSS.jpg EuropeanProvince TSS.jpg Norfields TSS.jpg
Fieldpoland TSS.jpg Finland TSS.jpg Frozen TSS.jpg Fulda TSS.jpg Japan TSS.jpg
Jungle TSS.jpg Karelia TSS.jpg Korea TSS.jpg Kuban TSS.jpg Kursk TSS.jpg
MaginotLine TSS.jpg MiddleEast TSS.jpg Mozdok TSS.jpg Normandy TSS.jpg Poland TSS.jpg
Novorossiysk TSS.jpg SandsOfSinai TSS.jpg Sandtunisia TSS.jpg Alamein TSS.jpg Sinai TSS.jpg
Stalingrad TSS.jpg SurroundingsOfVolokolamsk TSS.jpg Tunisia TSS.jpg Volokolamsk TSS.jpg Fortress TSS.jpg

Special Ground Forces Maps

These maps are do not occur in normal ground battles. They are only normally available to play in specific game modes / events, tutorials, or in user made missions.

TrainingGround TSS.jpg

Air Forces Maps

Ground Strike

The aim of ground strike is to take out the NPC "Ground Targets" found on the map, these can vary from Armoured Cars, Tanks, Naval Units and Bombing Targets. Most of the missions will allow for the destruction of the opposing teams Airfield when all the Bombing Zones are destroyed. Every unit that needs be destroyed is worth a number of tickets which the opposing team will lose when they are destroyed. The match can be ended in one of three ways:

  1. By shooting down the entire opposing team (RB, SB) or shooting down all the planes the players have in their chosen line-up/hangar (AB)
  2. Once the opposing loses all units, and their tickets start to diminish over time
  3. Once the opposing teams Airfield has been destroyed (may require bombing zones to be destroyed), and their tickets start to diminish over time



Domination will require a team to Capture Airfields and keep them under control. The bigger the advantage of airfields held the faster the opposing team will lose tickets. Many maps also allow for the bombing of Ground Targets to drain tickets from the opposing team. The match is won by either destroying the entire opposing teams fleet, or by draining them of all their tickets.



Operations are battles based on real, historical battles and are exclusive to RB and SB, and take place on larger maps than in Ground Strike or Domination. They are generally restricted to the nations that historically took part in that battle, but they are not limited to specific planes. The match can be ended in one of three ways:

  1. By shooting down the entire opposing team (most common victory).
  2. By reducing the enemy's score through destroying Ground Targets and Air Targets, through completing Objectives, and through destroying the opposing team's Airfield (may require bombing zones to be destroyed).
  3. By completing the critical Objectives. Note that these objectives are not specifically indicated to distinguish them from minor objectives (which only reduce the opposing team's score).