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{|class="catlist" align="center"
|[[File:MapIcon Ground ElAlamein.jpg|200x200px|border|link=Second Battle of El Alamein (Ground Forces)|]]
|[[File:MapIcon Ground ElAlamein.jpg|200x200px|border|link=Second battle of El Alamein (Ground Forces)|]]
|[[File:MapIcon Ground EuropeanProvince.jpg|200x200px|border|link=European_Province|]]
|[[File:MapIcon Ground EuropeanProvince.jpg|200x200px|border|link=European_Province|]]
|[[File:MapIcon Ground FieldsofNormandy.jpg|200x200px|border|link=Fields_of_Normandy|]]
|[[File:MapIcon Ground FieldsofNormandy.jpg|200x200px|border|link=Fields_of_Normandy|]]

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Maps missions.jpg

Ground Forces Maps

General Ground Forces Maps

MapIcon Ground AbandonedFactory.jpg MapIcon Ground AdvancetotheRhine.jpg MapIcon Ground Alaska.jpg MapIcon Ground AmericanDesert.jpg MapIcon Ground Ardennes.jpg
MapIcon Ground AshRiver.jpg MapIcon Ground HurtgenForest.jpg MapIcon Ground Berlin.jpg MapIcon Ground Carpathians.jpg MapIcon Ground EasternEurope.jpg
MapIcon Ground ElAlamein.jpg MapIcon Ground EuropeanProvince.jpg MapIcon Ground FieldsofNormandy.jpg MapIcon Ground FieldsofPoland.jpg MapIcon Ground Finland.jpg
MapIcon Ground FrozenPass.jpg MapIcon Ground Fulda.jpg MapIcon Ground Italy.jpg MapIcon Ground Japan.jpg MapIcon Ground Jungle.jpg
MapIcon Ground Karelia.jpg MapIcon Ground Korea.jpg MapIcon Ground Kuban.jpg MapIcon Ground Kursk.jpg MapIcon Ground MaginotLine.jpg
MapIcon Ground MiddleEast.jpg MapIcon Ground Mozdok.jpg MapIcon Ground Normandy.jpg MapIcon Ground Poland.jpg MapIcon Ground PortNovorossiysk.jpg
MapIcon Ground SandsofSinai.jpg MapIcon Ground SandsofTunisia.jpg MapIcon Ground Sinai.jpg MapIcon Ground Stalingrad.jpg MapIcon Ground SurroundingsofVolokolamsk.jpg
MapIcon Ground Tunisia.jpg MapIcon Ground VietnamHills.jpg MapIcon Ground Volokolamsk.jpg MapIcon Ground Wallonia.jpg MapIcon Ground WhiteRockFortress.jpg

Special Ground Forces Maps

These maps are do not occur in normal ground battles. They are only normally available to play in specific game modes / special events, tutorials, or in user made missions.

MapIcon Ground TrainingGround.jpg MapIcon Event FootballField.jpg

Air Forces Maps

A lot of these maps have configurations for all three air game modes (Arcade, Realistic and Simulator). They are larger than Arcade maps, generally being between 64km x 64km and 131km x 131km, with a couple of exceptions. All of these maps are based off of real world locations; the level of accuracy varies between maps, but in general they tend to be reasonably accurate to the real world.

MapIcon Air Berlin.jpg MapIcon Air Britain.jpg MapIcon Air Bulge.jpg MapIcon Air DoverStrait.jpg MapIcon Air Guadalcanal.jpg
MapIcon Air Guam.jpg MapIcon Air Honolulu.jpg MapIcon Air Hurtgen.jpg MapIcon Air IwoJima.jpg MapIcon Air KhalkhinGol.jpg
MapIcon Air Korea.jpg MapIcon Air Korsun.jpg MapIcon Air Krymsk.jpg MapIcon Air Kursk.jpg MapIcon Air Ladoga.jpg
MapIcon Air Malta.jpg MapIcon Air Midway.jpg MapIcon Air Moscow.jpg MapIcon Air Mozdok.jpg MapIcon Air Norway.jpg

Naval Forces Maps