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{{Germany heavy cruisers}}
{{Japan heavy cruisers}}
{{Japan heavy cruisers}}
{{German heavy cruisers}}

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USA light cruisers
USS Raleigh (CL-7) · USS Trenton (CL-11) · USS Brooklyn (CL-40) · USS Atlanta (CL-51)

Germany light cruisers
Emden · Köln · Nürnberg

USSR light cruisers
Krasny Kavkaz · Krasny Krym · Kirov · Chapayev

Britain light cruisers
HMS Enterprise · HMS Dido · HMS Arethusa · HMNZS Leander · HMS Southampton · HMS Tiger · HMS Belfast

Japan light cruisers
IJN Agano · IJN Kuma


Germany heavy cruisers
Admiral Hipper

Japan heavy cruisers
IJN Kako · IJN Furutaka · IJN Mogami