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Countermeasures is the ability for a vehicle to counter a threat or defeat targeting systems.

Helicopter Countermeasures

  • Flares are infrared countermeasures utilised fired off by a helicopter to counter infrared homing (heat-seeking) missiles. A flare is considered a decoy, depending on the material it is made from to either burn as hot or hotter than the helicopter's exhaust in an attempt to cause the missile to target it. Typically flares are fired off in multiples to increase chances of distracting the incoming missile from its intended target.
  • Infrared countermeasures include light energy emitted from non-coherent flashlamps and direct it towards an incoming missile in an attempt to blind the missile's infrared sensors. Low-powered infrared carrier signals emitted from the flashlamps flood the missile's infrared receivers and "confuse" the missile and cause it to follow a false target or a high-powered infrared carrier will blind the missile causing it to lose its target lock.
  • Hover Infrared Suppressor System is a modification to the helicopter to reduce or almost eliminate all infrared radiation caused by exhaust gasses onto it surrounding, especially the helicopter body itself. "Hot spots" on a helicopter caused by the operating engine or the engine exhaust when directed onto the helicopter or helicopter body causes the infrared target of the helicopter to become larger and easier for infrared missiles to lock onto. Changes in the helicopter body to dissipate this infrared energy away from the helicopter reduces the infrared signature of the helicopter making infrared locks less effective and the usage of flares and IRCM more effective.

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