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USA battleships
Delaware-class  USS North Dakota
Wyoming-class  USS Wyoming
Pennsylvania-class  USS Arizona
Nevada-class  USS Nevada

Germany battleships
Nassau-class  SMS Westfalen
Helgoland-class  SMS Helgoland · SMS Ostfriesland
Kaiser-class  SMS Kaiser
Bayern-class  SMS Bayern

USSR battleships
  Imperial Russia
Sevastopol-class  Poltava · Parizhskaya kommuna*
Imperatritsa Martiya-class  Imperatritsa Mariya
  *Laid down as Sevastopol; renamed and remodeled by the USSR

Britain battleships
  HMS Dreadnought*
Colossus-class  HMS Colossus
Iron Duke-class  HMS Marlborough
  *  = Unique ship

Japan battleships
Kawachi-class  IJN Settsu
Ise-class  IJN Hyuga
Kongō-class  IJN Kongo · IJN Haruna
Fusō-class  IJN Fuso

Italy battleships
  RN Dante Alighieri*
Duilio-class  RN Duilio · RN Andrea Doria
  *  = Unique ship