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CCIP, or Constantly Computed Impact Point, is an aircraft system that aids the pilot in aiming unguided munitions such as machine gun or cannon shells, rockets and bombs.

Vehicles equipped with CCIP

Fixed-wing aircraft

General info

CCIP can be enabled by accessing the controls menu and finding "Toggle Ballistic Computer" (under "Weaponry" for aircraft and under "Miscellaneous" for rotorcraft) which will enable or disable CCIP in Arcade, Realistic and in cockpits with special HUDs such as the Ka-50. For aircraft without an advanced HUD, to enable CCIP in cockpit uses a different control option titled "Switch sight mode in cockpit" (under "Miscellaneous") however it requires that the cockpit already has a gyro pipper available, and may be toggled between Standard (Gyro), Cannons to Ground Target (Primary Gun), Rockets to Ground Target (Unguided Rockets of fastest type) and Bombs (First release of Unguided Bombs).

Usage in battles

Press the appropriate toggle button to use ballistic compensated guidance and place the appropriate crosshair or pipper over the target. CCIP does not require research of any specific module and will be available for the vehicles that have it from the start.

CCIP does NOT compensate for aerodynamic drag, thus is inaccurate beyond about 1000m for most munitions.


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