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An AIM-9B being fired.


The AIM-9B is an American infrared homing air-to-air missile, it was introduced in Update 1.85 "Supersonic". The AIM-9B is the earliest and least capable member of the Sidewinder family of missiles found in the game. It was the basis for the later Sidewinder missiles, as well as many other missiles found in the game. The Rb24 is an AIM-9B built under license in Sweden, while the R-3S, R-13M and PL-2 are all decedents of the Vympel R-3 missile, which was a Soviet reverse-engineered version of the AIM-9B. The AIM-9B also served as the basis for the design of the Israeli Shafrir missile, although there are notable differences between the two.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

Vehicles equipped with this weapon
Jet fighters 
USA  F9F-8 · FJ-4B · FJ-4B VMF-232 · F-100D · F-4C Phantom II
Germany  Sea Hawk Mk.100 · CL-13B Mk.6
Japan  F-86F-40 ▅ · F-86F-40 JASDF▅ · T-2
Italy  ▄F-86K · G.91 R/4 · G.91 YS
France  ▄F-86K · ▄F-100D · Super Mystere B2 · Etendard IVM

General info

Like other early air-to-air missiles, the AIM-9B is limited in is destructive capabilities. Although it contains enough explosive filler to eliminate or cripple an enemy given a direct hit, those direct hits may be hard to come by. For one, this missile only has a 6G overload. Therefore, it is quite easy for an enemy to dodge it. All the enemy needs to do is to turn slightly, and the missile will likely miss. For greatest lethality, use this missile on slow targets that cannot manoeuvre well (though it should be noted that in this case, guns may be just as effective).

Additionally, the AIM-9B takes quite a length of time to acquire a target. (The time required may be reduced if the enemy is using their afterburner.) So, even achieving a firing solution may prove difficult.

Still, as one of the first air-to-air missiles in the game, the missile is quite effective for dealing with enemies in the right circumstances. Careful positioning and trigger discipline are required. In lower-tier jet combat, the AIM-9B is the gold standard for long to medium range air-to-air combat.

Effective damage

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Comparison with analogues

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Usage in battles

This missile is best utilised when trailing an enemy. This will allow the pilot enough time to close the distance and acquire a target lock before firing the missile. The AIM-9B is especially effective against jet bombers, such as the Vautour IIA IDF/AF (France), which generally have poor manoeuvrability.

When firing this missile, watch out for nearby friendly aircraft, and for the sun. The missile may lock onto either of these, causing at the best a miss, and at the worst an unintended team-kill.

The AIM-9B may be used to force the enemy to manoeuvre and bleed their speed, making it easier for the pilot to acquire a traditional firing solution and destroy the enemy with cannon fire.

Pros and cons


  • Effective at destroying low energy targets
  • Decent effective range can travel far in a straight line to intercept
  • Very effective against aircraft with low manoeuvrability
  • Effective against aircraft compressing at high speed


  • Narrow firing circle compared to later missiles with uncaged seekers
  • Poorest range out of all AIM-9 variants
  • Often loses track when the target manoeuvres in more than one dimension or turns sharply.


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