37 mm/67 70-K (37 mm)

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Write an introduction to the article in 2-3 small paragraphs. Briefly tell us about the history of the development and combat using the weaponry and also about its features. Compile a list of air, ground, or naval vehicles that feature this weapon system in the game.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

Vehicles equipped with this weapon
Motor gun boats  OD-200
Armoured gun boats  BMO · MBK pr.186 · MBK pr.186 (MK 85) · MBK-161 early · MBK-161 late · Pr.1124 late
Gunboats  Groza
Sub-chasers  MPK Pr.122bis · MPK-163
Destroyers  Bezuprechny · Leningrad · Ognevoy · Soobrazitelny · Stroyny · Tashkent
Light cruisers  Kerch · Krasny Kavkaz · Krasny Krym · Voroshilov
Battlecruisers  Kronshtadt
Battleships  Parizhskaya kommuna

General info

Tell us about the tactical and technical characteristics of the cannon or machine gun.

Available ammunition

Describe the shells that are available for the weapon and their features and purpose. If it concerns autocannons or machine guns, write about different ammo belts and what is inside (which types of shells).

Comparison with analogues

Give a comparative description of cannons/machine guns that have firepower equal to this weapon.

Usage in battles

Describe the cannon/machine gun in the game - its distinctive features, tactics of usage against notable opponents. Please don't write a "guide" - do not impose a single point of view, but give the reader food for thought.

Pros and cons

Summarise and briefly evaluate the weaponry in terms of its characteristics and combat effectiveness. Mark pros and cons as a list.




The 37 mm/67 70-K is a naval variant of the Soviet 61-K anti-aircraft gun. The design is based off the 25 mm Bofors model 1933 naval anti-aircraft gun which was sold to the Soviet Navy for trials in 1935. The navy originally intended for it be scaled up to 45 mm, but their attempt failed so they settled for scaling it up to 37 mm creating the 61-K which was one of the main Red Army anti-aircraft guns during World War II. The 70-K version was adapted for naval use in 1938 and was adopted by the Soviet Naval in 1940. Replacing the larger semi-automatic 45 mm/46 21-K as the navy's main anti-aircraft gun, 1,641 70-Ks were built making it the main automatic of the Soviet Navy during the war and 3,113 were ultimately built when production ended in 1955. Not the most exceptional weapons in the world, they were good enough for the Soviets which was what they needed at the time and it would serve alongside its army counterpart the 61-K in multiple conflicts during the second half of the 20th century. The gun was ultimately replaced by the ZIF-31 twin 57 mm guns.


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