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Who am I?

Hi! I'm apiece_, an avid War Thunder player and military history enthusiast, who also has a YouTube channel as a hobby.

My War Thunder Side

I mainly play the USSR, but still branch out into other nations on occasion. As of writing, I am 10.0 in air forces and 6.3 in ground forces.

  • Favorite plane(s)- P-39N+J21A-1 for pistons, Yak 15 for jets (nice to play a jet without fighting missiles)
  • Favorite tank(s)- IS-2 and T-34-57 (ASU-57 as an honorable mention)
  • Least favorite plane(s)- I usually like most planes I fly, but I hate the P-400, J22, and (fighting) the Cw-21
  • Least favorite tank(s)- PT-76B (entire Italian Rank I as an honorable mention)
  • Most enjoyable plane- American II aviation in general
  • Most enjoyable tank- T-50

Ways to chat

I mainly use Discord to talk (apiece_#6713), but you can also find me on WT Live ( or message me on the forum (