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This page is about a player in War Thunder and is written in the third person.

Suurin_ is a longtime player. Over two accounts, they have logged over 1,000 hours of in-game flight time, mostly in fighter aircraft. Their first account was created in 2014 but was deleted in 2018. In 2016, they created a second account on which they still play. Suurin_ prefers playing in Air Realistic Battles and in fighter aircraft, in which the majority of their flight time is logged. This player doesn't play in the Naval mode and rarely plays in the Tanks mode.

Vehicle Preferences

Country Fighters Bombers Notes
United States Suurin_'s second least favorite country to fly for in the game. Despite the effective nature of the American .50 caliber machine guns, most aircraft of this country tend to be heavier and suffer reduced combat endurance compared to their British counterparts. Suurin_ prefers flying the P-51 and F-86F Sabres in Air Simulator Battles and the P-39's and P-40's in Air Realistic Battles.
Germany Suurin_'s second favorite nation to fly for in the game. In Air Realistic Battles, despite most pilots preferring the Bf-109's as their primary fighter of choice due to its more balanced nature, Suurin_ prefers the stubby-nosed Fw-190's because of its highly specialized flight personality. Although, they consider the Fw-190's an indecisive aircraft. In Air Simulator Battles, Suurin_ prefers the Bf-109's because of their superior combat endurance during aggressive maneuvers and the single nose cannon (as compared to the Fw-190's where there are usually several more cannons in the wings) proving adequate during engagements.
Soviet Union Suurin_'s least favorite country to fly for in the game. What turns them away from this nation the most is the low ammunition count and inconsistent damage of Soviet 20mm cannons. However, they enjoy the MiG-15s the most in Air Realistic Battles. When playing Simulator Air Battles, Suurin_ prefers flying the F-86F Sabres.
Great Britain Suurin_'s favorite country to fly for in the game. British aircraft are characteristically aligned with this players playstyle. Especially early Spitfire aircraft that have excellent climb rates, tight turning circles and plenty of machine guns. British Hispanos (nicknamed "Hisparkos") are generally disliked by Suurin_ stemming from their lack of consistency compared to the 7.7mm Browning MG's found in earlier aircraft. Suurin_ enjoys flying Spitfires in both Air Realistic and Air Simulator Battles and the remaining Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tempests strictly to Air Realistic Battles.
Japan Suurin_'s least played country. They enjoy flying for Japan but strictly play them in Air Realistic Battles preferring the J2M2 foremost and Zeroes second. The Ki- series aircraft provide an enjoyable alternative to British Spitfires.
China Suurin_ began flying for the Chinese shortly after their introduction. Beginning with flying for the Republic of China's airforce and will later fly for the People's Republic of China.
Country Light Vehicles Notes
Germany Suurin_'s only Tanks Realistic Battle template consists of all German tanks with 20mm autocannons at BR 1.3. High Velocity Armor Piercing Shells provide a fun escape from air battles. Suurin_ only drives Soviet tanks on extremely rare circumstances otherwise.


Suurin_'s playstyle depends on the era they are playing in. In World War II, they are extremely aggressive. Preferring to disorient and force the enemy to make unfavorable decisions by acting fast and sporadically. In energy fighters, Suurin_ prefers to use that energy to break into furballs, strike the least aware opponent and break off. When playing in light turn-fighters, they prefer using the planes advantages combined with their excellent defensive skills to force opponents to make hasty decisions and strike when the opponent slips-up. Generally, Suurin_ enjoys the early Spitfires most for their excellent turn time and combat endurance, which this player highly values.

In the Jet era, Suurin_ prefers reserved, meticulous strategies due to the threat posed by missiles. Waiting for an opportunity and exploiting it when one presents itself.