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The Shooting Range is a series of video produced by the War Thunder YouTube Community for the purpose of aiding the playerbase on certain aspects of the game such as game mechanics, pages of history, Q&As, tactics, strategies, and more. The Shooting Range airs every Sunday at 04:00 PM GMT (noon in Eastern time).

Playlist for the whole series can be found here.

The Shooting Range is meant to be a compilation of various of tips and tricks for the players to use. However, the information presented in the series require experience in gameplay mechanics to understand, so the target audience is definitely for confirmed War Thunder players.


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  • The show aired for the first time on 9 June 2016. Before the series aired, Gaijin released various informative videos online separately.
  • The format of the show consists of 4 sections, 3 of which were from the following categories: War Machines, Metal Beasts, Pages of History, Tactics and strategy, Special, Science of War, Tips and tricks, Challenge, Map Guide or Tank triathlon while the 4th section always is the segment "Hotline".
  • The current show (Shooting Range 2.0) started at episode 130. The main changes compared to the old format (episodes 1-129) are visual (graphics/audio/video quality).
  • Video chapters and timestamp links were added from episode 262.


  • Shawn voiced the show during its first year (episodes 1 to 51), as well as the original Thunder Show.
  • Bruce was the main voice actor of the show from episode 52 to 303.
  • Andrew (New Thunder Show) has voiced episodes 284, 285, 286, 304 and following episodes.

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