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This userbox adds to the page block, showing your favorite technique the participant.



This userbox uses two parameters, one mandatory and one optional:

  • in-game code (required) — in-game vehicle code (you can get in the vehicle card by opening its page in the "Edit source" mode: {{Specs-card|code=in-game code}}).
  • preference — indicates among what set of equipment the participant considers this vehicle to be the best
Available option:
  • game (default) — considers the best vehicle in the game.
  • rank — considers the best vehicle in its rank.
  • country — considers the best vehicle in its nation.
  • country rank — considers the best vehicle for her rank in her nation.

Call example

In game:

{{Userbox/Favorite vehicle|ussr_t_34_85_zis_53}}
ussr_t_34_85_zis_53.png This member considers T-34-85 the best tank in game.

On rank:

{{Userbox/Favorite vehicle|spitfire_xvi|rank}}
spitfire_xvi.png This member considers Spitfire F Mk XVI the best aircraft in rank IV.

In country:

{{Userbox/Favorite vehicle|us_elco_80ft_pt109_boat|country}}
us_elco_80ft_pt109_boat.png This member considers Elco 80 ft PT-109 the best USA ship in game.

Country rank:

{{Userbox/Favorite vehicle|mi_24d|country rank}}
mi_24d.png This member considers ▂Mi-24D the best rank V USSR helicopter in game.